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About the Pro Gigs - No Reason to Worry

I’ve noticed that a lot of sellers here are worried about Pro gigs. One seller said that the Pro gigs will take all the business, leaving the rest of us, the $5 giggers with no work at all. I don’t see it that way. Most buyers are looking for great bargains. When they see that they can get an article or logo of a very high quality for $5 or $10, why would they buy one from a gig that costs $500? Here’s the thing - I saw an article writer with a $200 for a 500 word article pro gig. I am not worried about him. But he has every reason to worry about me because I can do articles of the same quality for $5. Let me be frank here - anyone who orders an article for $500 can end up feeling unhappy and dissatisfied later. My clients, they are always super happy :slight_smile: Just check my reviews. Now, they would be happier if I had a shorter delivery time, but hey, you can’t have everything :slight_smile:


Bro - It’s not about worried - I’m not worried also!!

But As you see - There is coming a “Pro” button top of on every search. If any buyers do search for any service - they will always attract with “Pro” thing. No matter - He do buy that or Not -
fact :slight_smile:

  1. That Pro gigs will come in the TOP of the every search
  2. That will attract buyer for visit on that gig page - increase views, clicks etc.

You’re a writer - Which not too competitive category in the fiverr. But think about Graphic Design category :slight_smile:


What is Pro Gigs? Can you refer me to a thread or article related to it? I´m just curious. :grin:

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Oh, that’s the hottest topic right now…just check the forum posts.

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Kk, I will use the search engine. :slight_smile:

I´m not selling on this platform. But from what I see, writing is a competitive category. :slight_smile:

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This is very calming news, but I would still wait to see how things play out. For now, I’ll just depend on my repeat buy while the Fiverr algorithms do their thing.


Only if you don’t turn the “Show PRO Gigs first” option off.

And the only people not turning it off will be those who are looking for professionals, and willing to pay real professional rates. Well, either that, or those who don’t even notice that there’s an option to turn it off or on.


I used the search engine but couldn´t find a specific special thread or article about Pro Gigs. Just saying. I have read some posts but I still don´t get it. Never mind, it´s not important to me anyway. :slight_smile:

Does that mean the rest of us are not professionals?

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@fast_editing Oh thanks. lol. I was searching with keyword Pro Gigs. No wonder I didn´t find anything. :slight_smile:

They are trying to prove with “Pro”

No, of course not. Some are professionals, some are amateurs, there’s room for both on Fiverr. :slight_smile:

No offense meant, really, I’m sorry if you took it that way! I was mainly focusing on the professional rates, which is something that many people on Fiverr are not aware of. Check out this link (note for mods: it’s not self-promotional, I’m not connected to them, I’m putting it here for informational purposes only) and scroll down a bit to see the rates for various types of writing; you’ll see that $200 for a 500 word article would be at the lower end of professional rates:

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I don’t think most of us are worried about the market share. If anything we’ll probably get more business because Fiverr will always be known for its low prices and if you see $5 gig next to $1000 gig then there’s no way you will go for the latter.

What really upsets me is that they messed up this vetting process. We have been complaining for years that there are too many scammers here and it would be good if Fiverr started doing some kind of background checks. I’d love to hire a designer with a PRO badge if this gives me a peace of mind that their logos are not stolen.
However, for $1000 I would approach a local agency who will give me a proper legal contract & confirmation that logos are unique. If something does go wrong and there’s a trademark dispute, I wouldn’t rely on a random Fiverr support agent to resolve it.

They should put more effort into weeding out the scammers so that high quality gigs would raise to the surface. Instead they are implementing gimmicks to attract high-end buyers while the platform has glaring issues that could use this attention.


What people will see and think is PRO vs. by default definition NO-PRO.
What they will buy depends on their budget and their knowledge of the system/ability to gauge.

Some people are going to pay pro prices and will get work done by someone with a pro label; some people will pay pro prices and will get work done by someone without pro label, resold by a seller/agency with the pro label; some people will pay no-pro prices and get work done by someone without the pro label.


@uxreview Well said and makes sense! :slight_smile:



I would love a pro vetting process for regular sellers as well! That would bring peace of mind to every budget buyer!

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The PRO gigs in the writing category are hilarious. I mean, some people are charging $100s for a single article. The thing is; I have seen their work. I see at least one seller there where I have been asked to rewrite their content because it was shoddy. This system is going to come back and bite Fiverr in the arse. I know exactly what one person is charging hundreds for, and it isn NOT good work.

And guess what? Going to bite us smaller gigs too, because people will think “hey, this work at this price was crap. Going to be even crapper at a cheaper price”