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About the Pro Gigs - No Reason to Worry


PRO Doers
Getting shit done, one gig $1,000,000 and $5 at a time. :sunglasses:

On a serious note, I’m not worried, Fiverr is just one stream :mountain: of many incomes for me.


I feel that the PRO badge is going to be a great value addition to the fiverr community. It will surely provide selective and trustable options, albeit at a higher premium. So, thinking from point of you of a client, its good, because now the Fiverr administration has decided to take responsibility and vouch for selected few.

As for freelancers, its obviously going to be a new battle, to find a way to succeed and to become a PRO.
So, as I see it, those who had it easy till now, will have to improve to meet the PRO standards, coz one failure on their part and the client will take the easier option, LOOK FOR PROs.

To sum it up, there’s always going to be scope for both PROs n the NO PROs, as it all depends on the clients budget, requirement, knowhow, time etc etc.



[spoiler]It happens I am looking for a consultant for a very specific thing. But I could not find anything good. Okay I found one or two but only one of them seems convincing (bummer). So, I narrowed down my search to just one word, which is ˝consultant˝. Surprisingly, there are not so many (at all) consultants on this platform, I mean if you compare it to writing gigs, design gigs, or drawing gigs. I am just wondering why them sellers who are very good in their field and a veteran they haven´t offered a consulting gig yet. You know consultants usually make good money. :slight_smile:



I think for lot of designers language barrier is the deal breaker. I’ve hired a dozen logo designers and I’d say with half of them I had trouble explaining my requirements.

Although I’m surprised to see that there are very few consultants under some categories. For example, under Business Tips I would expect to see more consultants. A lot of them are offering success handbooks and what not instead of 1-on-1 consultation.

A while back I asked why aren’t there more Fiverr consultants. Considering all the tips that are shared in this community there has to be market for it. I think Eoin answered that people who ask for consultation have very high expectations. They wish to get rich overnight, so it’s rather easy to end up with a 1-star rating.


Exactly what I meant. :slight_smile:


Love the car…:sunglasses: But the prices are ridiculous. If anyone buys one of those Pro gigs for $500 for 1 article and then buys my article writing gig for $5 for an article, trust me, they will feel cheated by the Pro. I should include this line in my gig description - Why pay $500 when you can get a better article for $5? LOL.

[Speaking of cars, I have a car that my dad bought for me when I was 18 and just joined college, you can see that in my article writing gig profile pic. That car turned 18 recently LOL. And still going strong. I won’t buy a new car in a city like Bangalore with such horrible traffic, just one small incident and the value of the car down by 50%. Prefer to use Uber or its Indian version Ola to get around. If I move to the countryside like you have, will buy an SUV]


Thank you! :innocent:

I think you should! (joking) :slight_smile:


But I am serious…LOL


@writer99025 LOL. You can if you want. It can be a good advertising for your gigs. :slight_smile:

Edit: Never mind. I have ranted enough. :innocent:


Keep it! Even when someday you finally feel the need to buy a new car and not want to take Uber anymore, keep it (for that car is more precious than any other car since it was from your dad)! :slight_smile:


LOL…can’t keep it for too long…the government wants to ban cars that are over 15 years old because they are very polluting and add to the carbon footprint…maybe they have already banned and I don’t know…LOL


That is great! India keeps progressing. I am happy to hear that. :slight_smile:


I’ve been saying this for a while, but Fiverr wants to keep their options open and this PRO banner or feature is it; I will admit, doesn’t look bad.


@ryangillam Everything you said makes sense,.


That’s exactly it: you’re not the target audience for that gig. That gig is for businesses, and it’s a highly successful agency that, outside of Fiverr, charges $30,000 for something like that. And businesses pay that price, because their videos go viral and are a great investment.

These PRO gigs are for businesses with a high enough budget to afford them.


Fiverr Pro is going to promote a lot of reselling…win an order for $500 and outsource to a non-pro seller for $5…edit the work and deliver!!!

Millionaires in the making with this Pro thing…it’s an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs.

Will buyers suffer from this? most probably.

Will Fiverr get ahead with this? I think it could very well be a bazooka directed in their behinds.

Interesting times ahead for sure.


Yo @catwriter , I know I am not the target for them gigs, that is why I mentioned myself as a housewife. Jeeez. I´m not that stupid. :unamused:


I’m sorry if I offended you, that’s not how I meant it!

The thing is, I see so many people complaining about PRO gigs and not realizing that they’re meant for completely different target audience (and/or not having a clue about the cost of things outside of Fiverr).


That´s alright. I believe you. :slight_smile:


If even before pro gigs that had happened, and it did happen with some sellers, chances are, it would also happen with this new pro gigs thingy. (not complaining, just discussing) :slight_smile: