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I logged on and then typed in what I am looking for. All that comes up are blank boxes. I can’t see anything.
I have tried this repeatedly. I have tried it on different days at different time with different web browsers.
I don’t know what is going on. All I see is blank boxes… except for the landing page when I log on.
I just can’t see anything… just blurry blank boxes that can’t be clicked. Nothing.


i can not change my fiverr id country… please cheek it



You Can Open Thread in here :point_down:


My gig is showing one order. But there is no order for me to do. Its been month and my gig still showing one order, i think it effects the gig. Can anyone help me?


Hi there, I am new user on fiver and I completed six orders with 5 stars review and have no cancellation order but there is no available now option even there is no icon in the menu bar. anyone know solution please share


Hi I have just recently been experiencing a “bug” – After accepting delivery, I want to “skip” the first section and go straight to 5 stars rating and my comments. I get through that and then when I hit “submit” I am actually kicked out of Fiverr and now see the sign-in home page. I sign in again and have had this problem for a couple of days, now. My sellers are all sending the same delivery over and over and I explain to them I tried for multiple times but have reached a “BUG” with the system. Please fix it!



It may be a bug. Please have a deep look on dashboard, confirm that there is not any order under revision.



Does customer support respond to this forum? I can’t submit a problem. The system won’t respond and I need help please. Any suggestions how to reach CS? Thanks


I remember I set my gig to be graphics & design in category, but it had been change to be digital maketing. So I create a new gig for changing the category but now I can’t change the primary photo in the Gig Photos. I hope you can help me, thanks!


Before a few moments i saw some buyer request on my profile then I select 1 from them and start written about the offer it takes a little bit of time because I was wort 1489 words then i goes to send the offer to the buyer but then on the end of buyer request form pop-up I saw “there was a problem please try again”. Then I reload the page and I saw there was 0 active buyer request and my hole work gone:persevere:. From that time there is no buyer request. What can I do now?