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About the videos shown when I am looking for something


the videos published are just to show the seller’s skills?, or it is exactly what I will actually be buying if I purchase it?


A lot of the times the videos are actual work that they have done in the past. When you buy the product, and you give a good review, fiverr let’s you choose to use the whole or part of what the seller did to show what the end result is.


that is a problem, because Fiverr or sellers don’t clarify that, I know for sellers is easy to start from a previous work for doing similar thing for a new customer, and that will damage the value of the work, because nobody want to get the same thing but with different name that others 100 customers are using.

Recently I try to publish a requests of what I want to be done, but 300 character as Maximun was overkill.

I had to explain what the actual logo is, but offerents didn’t seem to catch the idea, because I didn’t be able to describe fully what I want.


and if in the request job description didn’t fit all the idea, how Fiverr can protect the buyer to get what it want from the beginning if the description is 50% done in 300 characters?.


Let the seller know the basics of what you want before buying a gig. You’ll want to communicate with the seller mainly through the inbox before ordering. Communication is the best way to gauge whether or not you’ll get exactly what you want from the person you plan to work with. I hope this helps.


I didn’t found a way to comunicate with a possible sellers before buying it, the usability of the website is not the best, at least far to be intuitive / user friendly.