About this new Fiverr Seller rankings


Sooo it looks like every month we are getting an evaluation. I get a ton of messages from [ removed ] sellers and I don’t respond to them. Therefore my response rate is extremely low.

I have already been demoted to Level 1 - what happens if I can’t bring up my response rate by January?? Get demoted to Level 0? lmao


You will probably stay at level 1. They need to have minus 1, minus 2 and minus 3.


Sweet. This level stuff is stupid anyways. I should have been TRS a loooong time ago.


TRS now requires a 90% response rate too, so everyone is in the same boat. I think it is possible you will drop to 0 in January since that’s the first eval, but if you get your stats up to 90 response and 90 complete (and have high reviews) you should stay where you are. You might even go back up if you get your stats that high for long enough.