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About those Get traffic gigs

I have used numerous gigs that promise to send you traffic to your url, keyword targeted, real eople/no bots. I do recieve traffic but the visitor stays maybe 2 sec. I understand that a seller can’t promise sales or what visitors will do. Will using these actually help in my site’s ranking or wouldn’t google notice that visitors are not staying or returning and may actually hurt my site in ranking. Has anyone made any sales from using traffic gigs and if not what other purpose do these taffic gigs serve. Or should I just keep using them and eventually the traffic will actually take hold or Im I just wasting my time with them. I think Fiverr is great though. Thank you

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No comments yet:) I really would like a reply to this. Thanks

My advice – as someone who has built websites, and seeks to market them to bring in traffic – never, ever buy traffic directly. Spend your money and time on bringing in targeted traffic in an organic way. Post ads, blog about your gigs, share your gig links on social media, etc.

Purchased traffic (for the sake of traffic alone) is completely useless. If you want your business to grow and be successful, find ways to bring in visitors/buyers who actually want to learn about and purchase your services. The traffic you can buy here in the multitude of Fiverr seller gigs is NOT targeted traffic. That traffic has no interests whatsoever in what you sell or do.

If you buy cheap traffic, you’ll get cheap results. If you work hard to find and obtain strong, valuable targeted traffic, you’ll find valuable results. Nothing is easy. Hard work yields success.

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Thank you. I knew those traffic gigs were probally worthless but I was hoping they had some value since people were using them and thanks for your advice

Wh y do people order these traffic gigs if they really don’t have any value. Some sellers claim it will boost alexa ranking and serp but if a visitor only clicks on and off and traffic just drops after the gig is done how does that help in ranking. Are traffic gigs god for some sites but no others

Reply to @klmar63:

Simple. Those sellers are hoping people who don’t know anything about website traffic or effective marketing will purchase them – which, sadly, they do. The seller receives payment, and provides an “easy” service (although, I’d hardly call it a service), knowing that it doesn’t matter whether the service helps the buyer or not, because the seller already got their “easy” payment, and can go on their merry way.

A true marketing professional (and/or marketing firm) will work WITH their client to ensure that they are able to build legitimate, targeted traffic for the client website. They take an interest in helping their client reach their marketing goals – they are success oriented. They are partnered with them until certain goals are met.

99% of the traffic gigs you see on Fiverr are just there to make a quick and easy five dollars. They do not providing targeted, valuable traffic. They just provide random, pointless, ego-building traffic, so that the buyer THINKS they’re getting a helpful service. Almost all of those services are about the seller, not the buyer’s needs.

You may find a few traffic sellers here on Fiverr who truly do care about helping their buyers, but for the most part, I recommend avoiding direct-sale traffic gigs altogether. You’re going to be wasting your money, and getting nothing valuable in return.

In most traffic gigs here on Fiverr, the only person who wins is the Seller.

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It’s sad that majority of traffic gigs provide junk traffic. However, you can easily spot junk traffic from quality traffic.

Quality costs, junk does not. So if a gig offers a thousand or more visitors for $5, it’s junk traffic. At most a little bit category targeted, but it’s not enough to get results. Not even extra targeted traffic is always enough to get results, as targeted traffic is a LOT more expensive, so you may need more than what the gig offers to make a sale for example.

And if some gig sells google traffic, it’s fake traffic with fake referrers. It also means it’s junk. Google traffic can only be obtained through adwords, which would not cost $5, or permanent traffic through extensive SEO.

There can be some value in what are otherwise junk ‘traffic’ buys. If the traffic stats are view-able by others, e.g., Facebook likes etc., the perceived popularity can draw an occasional real person.

As far as actual website traffic, I agree with the above comments… spend money and time on building quality traffic; it will pay much higher dividends.

In my opinion the “buy traffic” standalone is a bag full of cr** - If you want traffic, get a content creator with reputation to provide you a long, detailed, and engaging article or infographic, or explainer video, whatever fitts your needs. Find a social marketing gig to promote it (Reddit works wonders, Twitter too - I have yet to find a good social marketin Gig, but I think I got one guy :slight_smile: )- And see your traffic coming in.

Get yourself a traffic tracking tool like goSquared in order to see if the promissed Tweet has actually been done, and where your traffic is coming from, or use G. Analytics Live overview at the time the seller confirms the order as delivered. I have currently 2 guys who try to scam me out of my cash. The dispute is filled for one, the other one has exactly 12 hours before I fill another dispute.

And REFRAIN at any cost buying likes, twitter followers or similar, since those followers and fans are not your targeted audience, rather dead weight making your posts stand out less for people whom you are actually targeting.

Hope this was helpful

I absolutely agree with comments above. I also try buy one gig to get traffic and one gig to promote product to 2 500 000 people. With the promote product I receive print screen of the message that promote link to my product, but in fact I haven’t even one view of my link with this product until now. In get traffic gig they promise me minimum 180 visitors every day. They sent me a link (Moderator Note: website link removed), that I can track traffic here. On that link I can see graph that I have some traffic, but when I check WordPress Jet pack stats on my page I see that I have no visitors on my site. Same result was also when I check or when I check my adsense account where is also displayed numbers of page views. So this link (I don’t know how they do it) is scam.

For this 2 500 000 people promotion I paid (my stupidity) but this second gig I cancel. I try to speak with seller that he give me explanation, but when I not receive normal answer I decide to quit this.

Right now I am interested in jonbaas comment and I would like to learn way how I can get traffic to my webpage by myself.

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I like to know how people actually can sell keyword targeted traffic with low bounce
rate that show up correctly in your Google Analytics account with the targeted keyword etc. - everything looks right when you look at the stats but I cannot believe it is real quality organic search traffic

Are this traffic adsense safe…
Sometimes ago, i order a traffic gig here on fiverr and the guy promised me a good job but in return the traffic could generate 100USD daily in adense but as time goes on the money disappear.

its really hard getting traffic that is real i fiverr, but for me I know i provide quality ones…

Well most of the seller actually generate impression on site / clicks on link but not the traffic.
Here is an example of Fake traffic
I saw analytic report of a link and found that there are more than 16K but when I look at the browser and platform they all are from Chrome browser and Windows OS.

While traffic is very important, I don’t believe in buying traffic. You want your traffic and to reel in the people who are genuinely interested in your product, whereas with bought traffic, you just get people who will do no more than view the page, without actually being interested in the product.

The word for what we hope will visit our site is TARGETED TRAFFIC.

The word targeted means these are people who want to buy, or are interested in,
what our site is about.

Anything else is worthless. And you get TARGETED TRAFFIC with TARGETED ADVERTISING. That and having people find your site in Google when they search on your keywords.

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So is it better to buy magazine and radio advertizement gigs instead?

Spam yourself much? You only replied to push your business. Get off here!

Hi… Getting traffic on fiverr may not always be a great idea but sometimes it may prove helpful if used wisely and from trusted seller who provides you real looking traffic with more spent on the page and targeted sources which can surely help you increase google ranks.

I’ve seen that there are a few traffic sellers which state that they are Adsense safe, non China traffic, no bots and not targeted - and get a great amounts of sales. They do not promise much but still who knows where are the visitors coming from and it’s not worth messing up your G Analytics stats for $5 - even for 1 month. I would invest the $5 into Facebook ads rather than buy non targeted traffic. 20 targeted are better than 1000 non targeted.