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About time too!


I have no idea how to use this.

CLOSING of 2016. What were your Lessons Learned/Experiences? BEST vs WORST!

But still, it got rid of that dark art spam guy so good job all.


Where is the champagne :champagne:


I drank it all, unfortunately. Shall I get some more out of my vast cellar?

EDITED: I want a badge. I looked at the badge page.


I hope the spammers will not know how to use it either :sunglasses:


I am liking all posts as I want my 50 likes badge or whatever it is. Haven’t seen you for a while Mario! The new layout is certainly a lot more in-depth which I like. :sheep:


You have to earn a badge! Get to it!


Excuse me, I need to go examine the badge page to see what my next easy badge will be.


Pass the bottle, Anja!


So, I get a badge for linking to another post.

As the posts under this are all mine on this convo-post (obviously, I’m the best) I’ve chosen one of them.


:champagne: Look I brought some more and :beer::wine_glass::cocktail:



Another badge. Hell yeah.


OMG :joy: the appearance of the linked post is just …hmmmmm unique :sweat_smile:


I coulda gone with the one about the new Jesus, but he left me a 5-star review and never bothered me again, so… ya know.


@annai80 thanks for the badge. For linking to you. Actually, the getting started badges are a good way for everyone to get to know the new forum features, so do that, guys. Most of them are pretty obvious anyway!


Yay, party! I have two. :tropical_drink: :tropical_drink:


BRB setting up email notifications. I don’t really want to as I get enough junk there already, but badge.

Also I didn’t mean for this to be a reply.



Edits below the nonsense innnit.


Son of a gun

Actually can someone reply to me or something so I can get this badge (reply thru email) as apparently I get those with this.

EDIT: So, I can only reply so many times in a 24hr period. No new posts from me unless I’m freed from these chains. Flagging this post just in case this is a reply loophole innit.

EDIT 2: can edit multiple times, but not flag as this falls under the excess posting violation.

EDIT 3, I can flag this so long as I don’t write anything in the alt. box. So yeah, there’s an issue I guess.

EDIT 4: @misscrystal go to the badge page and try out some badges, seems the best way to find out how this site works. The big green reply button is reply @all and the one under each post is an individual post reply. They’re not threaded though. just save the edit/post after and you’re done.

EDIT 4.5:

EDIT 6: [This one was removed by a Moderator. It is understood and would prefer it not displayed, although it has been addressed in less obvious terms on another post. Appreciate the info, but anyone exploiting it will find it repaired and may be invited to a Trust and Safety meeting.]

EDIT 7: not locked out @misscrystal, just reached my post limit for the day (24hr period starting from like 30m ago). Like limit is 50. Don’t overshare your cardiac muscle, guys! @eoinfinnegan, I cannot heart your post because, uh, yeah. [Moderator note added here: there are limits on what you can do when new, but the limits lessen along with time and levels. The forum team recommends earning badges through meaninful interaction.]

EDIT 8: [removed by moderator - already done]

EDIT 9: Although the pop-up box to dismiss a post (when moving to a new page, for example) shows up, it doesn’t dismiss the post. At least that’s what I’m finding out.

EDIT 10: You can mute My Fiverr Gigs?!!? Jubilate! I also muted Improve My Gig. Suddenly, my forum improvement quality improves by 200%. Eoin has one way to mute a topic below, but another way is to go to your profile>preferences then start to type out the word “my” or “improve” and job done. Endless meksell posts banished.

Edit 10.5 This will likely lead to spamming in less muted categories once the meksells catch on… and they will.

EDIT 11: careful Eoin, you only have so many posts before you’re locked out for 23 hours. Making a topic is easy, go to the front page and click the big green +topic on the right hand side.

EDIT 12 top of the league, baby! Now check to see if edits count as part of that table @eoinfinnegan. And share the link! I haven’t found it yet.

EDIT 12.5: seems buggy, but I’m the Manchester United (or whoever is the new MUFC) of this forum. Killing it from the sub bench! (note: different users may have different stats, appears to be buggy/in migration)

EDIT 13: Added some dumb stuff at the top.

EDIT 14: Tested YT myself since y’all are too lazy too. Enjoy the random rickroll I picked out.

EDIT 15: I am back. I have no posting rights for another 5 hours le sigh

I will continue to spam this individual post with edited updates as I am otherwise locked out of further discussion.


I’m lost here. Where is this post going to appear?

I’m typing in a pop up box across the bottom of my screen and can’t see how to enter it onto the discussion.
edit: I did it!


@misscrystal The post always appears in the end of the discussion.