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About to be done, I think

I, unfortunately, have a buyer who is nasty and barely speaks English. They are sending me messages with curse words and being insulting. CS has refused to help. If CS won’t stand up for the sellers, I’m not sure this is the place to be. I’ve sent another message with screenshots of their rant. I hope they ban the buyer. This is ridiculous.

Sellers should not have to work for free or be mistreated by buyers. If CS will not stand up for sellers, they should at least give us the ability to refuse a project without hurting our metrics.


With some people, you really can only wonder what they are thinking their behaviour will gain them.
I’ve had one who apparently felt so hurt at me quoting a price reflecting the 24-hour rate clearly indicated in my gig - for a same-day delivery of his job - that he felt the need to leash out in a nasty albeit smart enough way to not really have much to report, so I just blocked him, in case he might decide to want to direct-order just to be even nastier, and took a moment to silently pity him. After all, it can’t really be a good thing for you to be like that, even if you’ve made it to top buyer :wink:
At least, we have the block option to avoid working with such people if they message first.

Did you ask support something concrete like “can you please cancel this order for me because (reason, in your case, curse words and being insulting) and this should obviously not affect my ratings”?
I’ve had good experience with that, was told they cancelled with the least possible effect on my account, and my ratings weren’t affected, neither did I notice a drop in business. So maybe it affected my gig ranking, I guess, but it didn’t seem to really matter.

Or did you already do the job? In that case, of course, don’t cancel, you should be paid for your work and time, and the buyer issued a warning or suspended, if that’s their usual way of doing business conversation.
Maybe ask for a team lead to review your case, before giving up over one such case (at least, I dearly hope you don’t get cursing and insulting customers regularly!).


I thought it was against ToS to use abusive language? What specifically did CS say?

P.S. I totally feel you. I just had a client repeatedly ask how old I was, presumably beause they wanted to know that I was “legal age” so that they could send me a se x ual script without getting in trouble. I totally get wanting to quit sometimes.

I already did the job. I should not have to cancel. I offered a rewrite but the buyer refused to provide feedback, only insults with curse words. CS repeatedly says that they cannot automatically complete the project and to work it out with the client. I’m still waiting to see their response to the screenshot of their language.

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Well, apparently buyers who curse out sellers are welcome on this platform. I never received a reply from CS but they did cancel the order without my input or approval.

You can use the report option on each offensive message they post if you haven’t already done that (as long as reporting multiple posts is okay and wouldn’t be considered spam. If >1 is offensive I assume they should all be reported.).

Though it might be that CS / the trust & safety team have already done something about the buyer but are not allowed to say what they’ve done due to the terms of service.

The buyer is still there. At least I was finally able to block them from the messaging system. I tried to report all of their language but only one of their messages had a report button.

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