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About to become a level 2 seller (YEAH) Now, how to earn an honest living?

I am loving my fiverr experience, with one exception. Earning literally pennies per hour won’t let me pay my bills. Sometimes I spend 4-5 hours of research and then the time to write and edit write one four dollar gig. I have some new buyers who are willing to spend more gigs for each piece, and even give me a byline to help build my reputation, as they see the quality of my work. Still I earn less than a dollar an hour even from my best buyers, because of research time. I know musicians can sell music over and over they have already recorded but as a writer I can’t see how to do that.

I need to figure out how to net $20/hour to pay the rent, and I know there are sellers here who make way more than that. I just don’t know how they do it. I am a professional writer and earned far more when I was on salary. At 72, i am on my own.

http://FRAGGLESROCK This is my primary gig as it is now and as soon as I make level two, I see an opportunity to re-write the terms, add multiples and extra extras. I found one top-rated seller who sells her work for $40 per page, another who charges one gig for every 15 mins of work, including research, and they have sold hundreds of gigs.

I would sure appreciate ideas from anyone who really does understand how to earn a living here.



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Fiverr brings in larger income for people who are able to re-sell something over and over again, with little or no modification needed. Probably the majority of Fiverr sellers don’t earn a living wage here, not unless they live in an economically depressed region. Sellers from developed countries such as in the EU or US earn extra income. And most people don’t make sales which are steady and reliable enough that you should give up a job or take on a mortgage! Even the seller you say has sold hundreds of gigs has likely been selling for a while, maybe years, and his/her sales probably came in fits and starts.

That being said, once you accept this about being on Fiverr, you’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate your time here even more. As you level up and establish an excellent rating, your income will expand, and maybe you will be one of the fortunate ones who does earn a living wage. You should learn to promote and optimize your gigs yourself and not count solely on Fiverr to bring in customers. Many sellers of writing gigs have regular, repeat customers, so be sure to pay attention to good customer care.

Good luck~

Agreed 100% with @celticmoon

I also noticed that you just created a voice over gig recently!!

If you have appropriate equipment for professional voice recording, then I would suggest you to work more on that gig and make it your major gig.

Also to get a start for that gig, i would suggest you to offer more minutes of recording in just $5. After it is established, you can charge what you want… :slight_smile:


I also agree with celticmoon. I’m also a writer on fiverr and the biggest challenge is cutting down my writing time while also producing quality work. I’m sure you can relate to this. I try to break my goals down in monthly, weekly and daily to-dos. My current goal is to make $60 a day (trying to make 2k a month) and I figure that I will have to have 10-15 customers daily.

At the end of the day It comes down to how much you’re willing to promote yourself. Get really involved in communities inside and outside of fiverr that will bring traffic to your fiverr page. More traffic equates to more conversion opportunities.

Of course you need to have a goal and then figure out how to cut down on your writing time.

I’m still learning as well and hope other writers on fiverr come here to share wisdom.

Thanks for creating this thread,


hi i just lokked into your profile…it seems like you use your photos as the gig advertisement? :slight_smile: change that…go check out some top rated sellers gigs…check what they use for their gigs and their description…

Reply to @effdog: Generaly, that’s a good suggestion, but there is a certain type of buyer who prefers a more “home-grown” seller, someone who uses their own personal photos and graphics because they feel more approachable and personal. Not everyone likes impersonal or stock images even if they’re considered “professional” in appearance. They also could be used by anyone and everyone, and they don’t stand out as being unique.

Thanks everyone for these comments,lots to think about. We do have professional recording equipment, since my partner is a professional vocalist, and I have indeed been thinking that could bring in some good income. Thanks for the suggestion to increase the amount of time I offer for that until I have a reputation there as I do with my writing. Have to admit I didn’t think to use even stock images that I didn’t own. The voiceover image is a placeholder tho - I had to include a photo or fiverr wouldn’t let me publish the gig. I hope people keep sharing, there are so many of us trying to figure out how to make fiverr work better for us.