About to go a little crazy here [RESOLVED]


So fiverr has no support for sellers if a buyer tries to extort free work or they will give you a bad revie and fiverr is trying to bully me out of my money.

The job- has cleared for a long time now but the buyer sent a message to Customer Service saying he was concerned because I did not complete the add on free work that he requested.
(so what. I decided not to work for free anymore after I completed the job and many extra things for the buyer, and stopped trying to reason with them)

The clearance - The job cleared and the buyer never put in a cancel request or told me of a problem besides them trying to get more free work in messages. I did a lot of free stuff for them and finally just stopped. But the job cleared and the 14 day hold was over.

The hold - So without warning I go to withdrawal funds and nothing. Then I get a message saying that fiverr is working hard to get that working again. It’s been a week and I needed that money they are holding for jobs that have nothing to do with the one that cleared.

Customer service - so I contacted customer service via a support ticket and nobody seems to be taking my request for this withdrawal hold seriously or seems to think it is a problem. They keep telling me that I need to work it out with this buyer. Are they wanting me to tell them to refund his money? Because that is what I feel like I am being bullied into. I worked hard and did a lot of extra work for that money and I am not canceling.

So they told me to “wait 24 hours and if the buyer did not respond then they would work on getting the withdrawal activated again” and I did send the buyer a message saying that I was done doing extra free work over that job.

So I put in the request 24 hours later and they are still saying that there is an issue with that order and to try to work it out with the buyer. THERE IS NOTHING TO WORK OUT. I am not canceling and I am not doing free work way beyond the job description. The time for cancellation has way past and I know that they are bullying me into just doing that to keep a buyer happy and I am almost to the point of making some complaints about fiverr all over the place. Nobody cares that my funds from other jobs that have cleared are being held along with work that I am doing right now. Nobody cares that I needed my hard earned money that it says it available but fiverr is holding! This is a service nightmare.

UPDATE They have reinstated my withdrawals so I am happy this is over.


Patience resulted in a resolution of the issue.