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About tomorrow evaluation

will I be promoted to level one or not?

Even I achieved following things.
52 orders
earn $2000
when will I promoted to level 2 tomorrow or after one months or after couple of months.

No, unfortunately you will not be promoted, because your “Days Without Warnings” bar is not green. You will likely have to wait until June 14/15 to be promoted (assuming all your bars are still green at that time).


Do you think if my days without warning isn’t green I will get demoted?

If ALL eight of your bars are green, you would likely be promoted. If just one of those bars is not green, you will likely be demoted.


Alright, but on 15 June I’ll be promoted to level one or level two ?

Ok, thanks. I will just have to wait and see.

What level are you right now?

Currently I’m new seller demoted some time ago even I have completed 52 order and earned $2000.

Alright, then, because you are at the lowest seller level right now, and not all of your eight bars are green, nothing will happen within the next 24 hours. You will remain a Level 0 “New Seller”.

If all of your eight bars are green on June 14/15 you would be promoted to Level 1. If your bars are not all green next month, nothing will happen, and you will remain at the level you are now.


sad :disappointed_relieved::pensive:

You can’t directly jump Level 0 - Level 2. If all of your eight bars are green next month you will get Level 1 Seller Badge!