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About top buyer, a V.I.D

He/she is a top buyer, a V.I.D.
Provide excellent service to keep them coming back.

What is the meaning of that ( V.I.D )?
And what is the benefit, If I work with him?


I hope this will help

(Referring to Page 8)

Fiverr’s VID program, which stands for Very Important Doers, is
one of the efforts in which we continue to invest to grow highvalue buyers and their spend on the platform. Through a hybrid
approach of automated CRM activities and personalized service,
the program offers our most active buyers special promotions
and discounts, business content and educational materials, and
in some cases access to a dedicated team of success managers.
The program was launched in April 2018 and has grown and
matured throughout 2019. We’ve seen meaningful increase in
spend among VID buyers after joining the program, and more
importantly, these buyers increasingly contribute feedback that
helps us improve our product, engage our buyer community and
grow Fiverr’s presence across social media. VID program will
continue to be an area of investment for 2020

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Thank you so much madam