About Using Share IP


I am using real IP. I doesn’t know the other people using this IP. I doesn’t know if there any people using Fiverr in this IP & if have, how much the number is.

It is not impossible that any other is servicing same service of mine in Fiverr.

I want to know others opinion about this issue.
Thanks in advance,


Wait, I thought each household has a unique IP. How come others you don’t know use your IP?

If you’re on a small network that has an IP and shares it with others, you surely must know your network neighbors…

Anyway, better to ask Customer Support if that can get you into any trouble or not.


There are lots of places that share an IP like people in apartment houses and other places. At any rate it doesn’t matter. You can use public open IPs or any IP. I use two or three IPs usually and each doesn’t work at times so I switch around and one is a public one.


Like @misscrystal said, there shouldn’t be a problem sharing/changing IP addresses - I use several devices on the go and have no idea if there are other Fiverr users around or not.

My home broadband provider, like many in the UK, doesn’t provide a static IP address as standard, so my IP changes even if I stay in the one place. I’ve never had a problem.

As @Woofy31 says, if you’re worried, just ask CS. :slightly_smiling_face: