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About verifications

I had an account which has been disabled on 15 January. After that I have opened a new account.
Now i have got to know that Fiverr will be asking all user for verification with National ID and PHOTO.

On my last profile I had added my TAX ID, My Name and Phone Number.

My question is- Is their any problem if I use Same Name, TAX ID and Phone Number with my New account?

  1. What was the reason of Disabled your account?

If your previous account was disabled by fiverr during cause of ANY FIVERR RULE VIOLATION. They will not allow you to open new account on fiverr.

Better to be - Contact first on Fiverr CS and ask then and reveal your new account.

They can banned your new account too!! :smile:

My last account has been disabled cause of Violating rules. Is their can be any problem if i use same name and number?

Yes. If you have been violated fiverr rules already. That’s means - Opening new Account without fiverr permission is a new VIOLATION OF FIVERR RULES.

your new account could be banned too.

Go to fiverr CS and ask them with very polite and give the proper reason, Why you have opened new account!!