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ABout Warning for TOS Violation

Recently I got a TOS violation warning. But this TOS warning is very strange. After getting TOS warning, I asked them why they gave me such a warning because I told them that as per my knowledge I have never done such a thing that could be made a TOS warning. They told me I made a payment request for outside Fiverr through Paypal. After hearing this I got stuck. I have never made such a thing because from my country it is also very difficult for me. Fiverr accept 2 payment method for money transfer. One is Paypal and another is Payoneer. I use Payoneer because Paypal is not supported in my country though some guy uses Paypal illegally. but I have no Paypal account. When I inform Fiverr that they told me I made such a statement with a buyer on Fiverr that “How much and in reply, the buyer said paid”. I told Fiverr that is it ok to give me TOS based on such a word? because whether I have asked that for custom offer price to my buyer and in reply, many buyers used “paid” term after accepting the offer that told they have paid. I again ensure that I have never made an outsider thing on Fiverr because I knew very about that. They mentioned that they will give TOS a warning for this type of conversation again and that will never change. So, my question is how can resolve this matter? is there any possibility to correct that issue or is their anyone who solved this matter?


Can you find the full conversation that CS is referring to and post a screenshot of it here? - Before you do, just make sure to blank out your buyers username and any sensitive information.


I agree that we need to see the actual conversation to make any decision about this.


Thirding the fact that this is a little difficult to give any meaningful answers to without seeing both the conversation between yourself and the buyer, as well as Fiverr’s exact response.


Fourth-ing. I suspect it has something to do with you ‘payment button’ gig, since you use ‘Paypal’ in the name. (Also, using the Fiverr logo isn’t a good idea in your gig images.)


Can you add screenshots of the conversation with your buyer, or copy and paste it? (Covering their name)

We could help you much more easily then

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Highlighted relevant parts:

Summary: using the Fiverr logo can cause confusion to buyers who might think you’re staff.

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I’m starting to notice a trend on the forum where people come looking for help because of some gross injustice. Then when you ask them to clarify the context or provide more information, they either completely avoid the request or go deathly quiet. :thinking:


It’s like in a courtroom where any person on trial is allowed to testify in his or her own defense, but only the guilty ones won’t do that.

Yes, I will provide it.

When you get your gig(s) taken down by Fiverr, or even worse, get a warning, then you will “conclude” that you cannot use Fiverr’s logo in any of your images/videos, whether gig(s) or profile. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck!


Why even ask? Why have people tell you what you can’t do then say you can do it?

Since you already think you can use it then don’t ask.

What is going on here lately? People keep doing things against the rules, then are told it’s against the rules then they argue they are allowed to do it.

I wish anyone like that would keep on and not waste people’s time giving them answers. Everyone only want to be told what they want to hear.