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About Withdrawing Money ..?

Hello everybody
I just have a simple question for you , is there any difference between withdrawing money early and let it till grow ? i mean if i withdraw 4dollars today and 4 tomorrow are they gonna take more fees than withdrawing 8 dollars one time ?
Thank you

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Hello, Laasrinadia.

Yes, it is different.

If i’m not mistaken, the fee for withdrawal request on fiverr is $1 per withdrawal.

I your case, if you withdraw your $8 for 2 times, you will get $6 in your paypal / bank account.
But if you withdraw once, you wil get $7.

Hope this this explanation answering your question :slight_smile:

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And if you leave any amount (not withdraw it), you can use that balance to buy gigs, if you are a buyer as well.

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Bank transfer option is free of cost… no matter i withdraw $100 in 2 transactions or $200 in one… it nakes no difference…


thank yu for answering my question, i got it