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Absolute Disappointment

I came across Fiverr and thought it was interesting. I need a lot of work done so I thought I would atleast give it a try by starting with a logo. First attempt nothing like I asked for and generic. Asked for revision and seller stopped communication. Second try with seeler with 100% approval, no communication and logos didn’t even come close to representing my business. First one I got a refund into my fiverr account $10.00 it didn’t get applied to the second attempt. Fiverr tells me it will only use the account credit if the next purchase is less than or equal to account balance. Now basic gigs have gone up with out notifying me and the $10.00 credit no long can buy any gigs. Tell me how this is not a scam. By the time my story hits social media you do the math on the results

Sorry to hear that. However, you are able to control everything with the tools fiverr offers to you. You can request modification, cancel the order or contact support to cancel it for you.

Please note that this is huge market for digital services, so, when you buy a gig from 3 million gigs, you can get one or two that are low quality or scammy. It is same for other freelance websites or online shopping places like Amazon, Wallmart or Ebay. Sometimes, the things you buy are not as described.

That is why it is best to communicate with the seller you are interested in. Ask him to send you some samples from his portfolio, see how the communication is going and see if he is responsive.

Also, you can create request to get sellers to send you their samples and choose the best one (in the buyer’s request section).

Fiverr is a great tool, but you need to know how to use it best.

Sorry that you have had such experience. If you want me to help you anyhow in finding the best buyer for your logo or give you tips msg me, I do not provide such services, but can help you find you the most relevant ones.

Basic gigs are still $5 however if the gig is utilizing the package system then the starting price could be more than $5. If there is something highly specific that you need done that involves logos, do a search for logo service providers in the search box and narrow your search.

Also don’t just go by pure 100% approval; look at the numbers behind it; i.e. Buyers serviced. It would also help to communicate in advance before placing an order to ensure that the chosen Seller is a good fit.

My first experience was amazing–and the next 2 have also been very disappointing, so I appreciate the tips on how to navigate this system. It is slick and looks so inviting, but the reality is what people advertise and what they come back to you with can be nothing alike. I paid $30 for the one I got today and it was unusable.

Once you pay, does this site have your money even if the seller can’t deliver? I based my purchase on posted work and reviews, what I got was unacceptable (certainly not handdrawn as advertised) I have $30 in “credit.”

Can I get that back?

You mean back to your card or paypal account? I don’t think so, unless you try asking Customer Support. But usually it just stays as credit… You can use it to order from another seller though…

Thank you.

Here’s the relevant part from Fiverr’s Terms of Service:


Fiverr does not refund payments made for cancelled orders back to your payment provider automatically. Funds from order cancellations are refunded to the buyer’s balance as credit and are available for future purchases on Fiverr. Funds returned to your balance from cancelled orders will not include processing fees paid.

Deposit refunds, when available from the payment provider, can be performed by our Customer Support team. To prevent fraud and abuse, we limit the total amount of times users can request a payment provider refund from their account which is subject to review by our Customer Support team. Such refunds may be subject to an additional fee. If any processing fees were added at the time of purchase to create a new order, the processing fees from that payment will be refunded along with your deposit.

Tried another purchase this one from designeralezay7 the logo came back and I wasn’t satisfied. Seller told me to have a look at his examples I did so and made my choice. The seller then rejected my order. This tells me that some sellers cannot design as they advertise.

Tried another one and he seems to know how to communicate very well, so we’ll see if he can deliver as he advertises. This will be my last attempt if it does not work. Too bad such a good idea for a website wont allow negative feedback on users page unless you make purchase

I’m quite new to Fiverr but understand and support the concept. As a buyer requiring graphics and design I’m forever coming across sellers that promote what they can do in their service description but when I contact them they usually can’t do it, this can be very misleading and a complete waste of time for a buyer grrrrr!

IN MY OPINION “From a stand point of international trade laws, U.S., Canadian and European lawsas well as consumer and corporate laws, I would guess after seeing some major laws being broken on the site, Fiverr within the next 3 years may be bogged down in legal issues so expensive that it could cease to exist. All do to a lack of oversight in many areas.”

“I will provide 9000 Colored SVG images For Whiteboard Video”

They only delivered 4500 SVG’s

After confronting the seller

They say it is 4500 SVG and 4500 PNG . Funny as I made sure I taken several screen shoots of the ad and found out hours later after confronting them they made a minor add in in small letters that are not on the screen shots earlier. lol The change you ask ?

Check out the pic before at the time of the order and a few hours after confronting the seller, it appears a minor change. See attached photo.

Makes the statement he is canceling the order wants nothing to do with the contractual obligation and of the 4500 SVG’s I did get he will sue me if I use them as he owns the copyrights to them. lol NOT he already publicly advertised them in his ad that “all Images are copyright free” Thus if I wanted to ■■■■ the guy i could now put all the svgs I received online for free. But I won’t. I even left a pathway for him to exit the contractual obligations he was in breach of on the delivery side. In my Opinion “From the extreme arrogance and lack of accountability of the seller it is a good thing he is not in North America or in the EU zone owning a 100 million company. As it is people like this I would love to take everything they have and hand it out to the poor just to make them realize they are no better than the person living on the streets.” The exit I gave him and he ignored and went off on his little lala land idea of how the world works in his mind. The exit was he would refund me half a gig as he was only able to complete delivery of half the obligation within the post and contract that became binding. This guys post Fiverr needs to force changed as they are the platform on which is allowing such illegal deceptive and misleading advertisement that not only effects the buyers but other competing sellers on the site.

My comment to him:

Have fiverr refund half the cost of the Gig as you only completed half the contractual obligation of delivering only 4500 svg’s not the 9000 as advertised. Such advertisement is misleading and deceptive and also unfair to the other sellers on the site who are selling similar product but advertising properly. Example: 4000+ combined SVG and matching PNG whiteboard pack.

Gave him a way out but bull headed what do you think.

Some of his comments:

“ok i am going to send you a form of our “copyrights content” pls submit that and send me back… afterthat i will cancel your order”

If you want to cancel this order pls fill up form … afterthat you can never use these images anywhere…

now you can enjoy… i will tackle that own myself… and will meet you again when will you paste any of our content on internet.

that time i will tell you i have copyrights or not.

we going to blacklisted you

I will wait to your action …

***** In the end if he was not so hard-line arrogant and would have agreed to refund half the gig for only delivering half what was agreed on in the contract I would have walked away. Or even agreed he made a mistake in the posting and was going to correct it so others don’t get mislead I would have let it go. But sadly Fiverr doesn’t seem to have the platform and proper oversight to ensure the protection that laws are not being broken on their system. And if people keep rolling over and letting others get away with such actions it will snowball and the consumers will keep getting ripped off.

I would have spent the same amount buying 6100 SVG’s graphics but drawn to a misleading ad stating 9000. SAD SAD SAD Nothing worse than dealing with people who lack integrity.

That is un-fare to the truthful sellers on the site trying to sell the same thing.


Fiverr is not only a place for sellers but also for buyers. Thus whether he/she is a buyer or seller can seek help of the support team. Every buyer should contact and judge the seller before placing order if the seller is a new one. On the other, hand if the seller is a level one, level two or top ranked then, I think a buyer can place order without contacting the seller. If such process is applied then no disappointment will be occurred I think.

Contacting seller first before placing an order is a great way to start business together and asking for sample work would be a better idea. So whenever you want to buy someone gig, my humble advice for you is to checkout his/her sample work first.

I’m very disappointed to this fiverr app~ really hard to search for realiable seller~ They Will chase you for good comments, as it will affect their biz . Wasting time to find good seller~ think should stick to the top 10 seller on each category . Am wasting $50 for giving ppl chance in fiverr.

I’m sorry you’ve had such a negative experience so soon to your time on Fiverr®. I started as a seller first, and have only ordered a handful of Gigs from other sellers, and have had nothing but positive results. I’m not a graphic designer, but I’d be happy to offer my services as a writer to you, should you need it for yourself or your brand. Feel free to send me a message if you’re interested, I’d be happy to show you how successful the Fiverr® platform can be.

Yes that happens. But that happens everywhere. If you go to a restaurant and they promise you a good pasta with cheese, and the pasta is not good, you’ll be disappointed. If you order some item online and it arrives at your home totally different than described, that is a waste of time as well. My point is, there are some really talented people here on Fiverr, you just have to find the right ones. There will be some time wasters as well!

man, stop going cheap. If you will trust someone to create your company brand flag (logo) for $5, at least do some research on them besides looking at the ‘Positive’ rating. Personally I would rather pay $50 to someone (such as myself) who is competent to do a proper job instead of $5 to the first person that pops up in the search results…

I still think that communicating with your potential seller is the key to getting your project done here correctly. And with regards to your $10 refund, you should get in touch with customer support.