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Hello there, my name is Gabriel. I do youtube banners, youtube logos and normal logos. As my mum is a single parent I would love to make a bit of money, so I can get my own income, so she can supply less for me. My friends would ask me to do designs for them and loved it, and they all inspired me to use this skill as a means of profit.


welcome to fiverr community, wish you all the best :+1: for your successful journey with fiverr.
check this will helps,…

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Welcome to the Fiverr community. :innocent:
Good luck

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Hi! Welcome. Be warned that there are thousands of logo sellers here. You have major competition and that tends to limit sales or prevent them entirely.

It can help you to serve a specific niche and do that very well. You need to have something that makes you more attractive than your competitors or more attractive to certain groups.


Hi there @g5_graphics Welcome to the forum. Glad you’ve joined the big happy family.:smiley:

Oh, it is such a nice thought of you. Your mum must be very proud of you.

Best of luck to you and your mum.

Warmly, Humberto


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Thank you very much it is so wonderful to see support from the community :grin: