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Absolutely buzzing to start work - any tips for a new seller?

Hi everyone,

I’ve set up my gigs - was just wondering if anyone had any tips to help me get my first order and start working?

I’ve started getting some views but no orders as yet.

Many thanks in advance


Welcome Rachel, trawl the Buyer Requests for a start.
There are lots of seller ads and lots of people with unreasonable ideas, but you can find requests that are okay and it´s better than sitting around waiting for someone to find you on their own.


Thank you - that’s really helpful, will take a look now!

Welcome. Take on board the advice from @miiila and read through the forum for lots of tips. Also you must check out the for details on how to become a successful seller on Fiverr.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes! Fiverr Academy will give you a wealth of information to get you started. Also, check in on the Fiverr forum often. The people here are very helpful and willing to share their knowledge.



The Buyer Requests section is indeed a good start. However, I have noticed that many sellers are using this section to directly advertise their services rather than respond to requests. This section is meant for BUYERS only to request services they need. I personally think Fiverr should look into this matter. What do you guys think about it? :slight_smile:

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update and post your gig regularly in social media…its vary affective if you pst your gig on tweeter…and exchanchnge fiverr gig favourite with other sellerers on facebook fiverr promotion pages

Update your forum profile to include the link to your Fiverr profile. Use the Improve My Gig section for additional suggestions.

Buyer request section?

Please don’t waste your time exchanging favourites - it’ll make no difference to your raking etc. It’s there purely to save buyers time, and doesn’t have any effect on anything else.

I absolutely agree with you. I am a new seller and was browsing the buyers list and mostly saw sellers promoting themselves. Fiverr needs to monitor these listings and delete sellers posts that don’t belong there…