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Absolutely furious!

I finished a job and was to get about a grand payout. But then on a new job the customer asked for additional work after making the order, so I decided to cancel it as I had lots of new clients waiting for order from me, and the customer was okay with that cancellation. I had cancellations before and the customer would refunded the full amount like normal as with any transaction. But for some reason, that makes literally no sense at all to me, for this cancellation the customer received almost %70 of the money I made from the previous job. So I only got $300 back, for over a month of writing work I only get $300?? I talked to support and they said the cancellation created a debt on my account, what does that even mean?? Why would they get extra money? I’m super pissed about this and getting real tired of Fiverr and their rules and the exorbitant amounts of money they take from sellers.

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Did they cancel the right order?