Absolutely Livid! What the Hell Fiverr?


So back on December 8th, I received a $15 order which the buyer never asked for a revision on after delivery. I delivered their work, 3 days later it automatically completed and 2 weeks later I should have had my money. That was unless the buyer hadn’t enacted a paypal chargeback.

Now, this kind of thing happens. However, the buyers profile had said that he had been a member since 2011. In this case, I thought that I should have been safe. This, however, isn’t the issue, Today this exact same buyer using the same profile, has sent me a message saying that he would like to place an order equivocal to $100.

Luckily, I remembered the buyers name and then went back through my cleared funds to make sure it was him before replying. What I would usually have done, though, is simply sent a custom offer after seeing that this person had been using Fiverr for a year or 2.

So, how does this happen? I though that Fiverr banned the accounts of people who use chargebacks to get work for free?

Anyway. Although I can’t mention this buyers name, here’s a warning:

If you are a writer and you get the below message in your inbox, DO NOT AGREE TO DO THE WORK!!!- This buyer will leave you out of pocket if you accept.


  1. The history of gambling - from earliest known to present day and including online
  2. What does the future hold for online gambling - this one can be lots of your own opinions and what you can possibly see going on in the future. Can also talk about lottery services.

Do they sound OK for you?

If so, how do you want me to order the gigs?



Thanks for the heads up. What is a chargeback, exactly?


It’s where after an order has completed (even weeks or months down the line) a buyer reverses their payment via paypal and the funds are deducted back out of your account. This can even happen if funds have cleared in Fiverr and you have already withdrawn them.


How in the world can that happen? That sounds illegal.



Why wasn’t he banned?

He’s got a lot of nerve ordering from you again or did he think you wouldn’t notice? :unamused:


Haha…since I am in an Indian politics mode right now, I can say your buyer reminds me of our main opposition party, Congress… LOL


:rolling_eyes: :rolling_eyes: :rolling_eyes:


Actually, Writer that makes no sense.


Chargeback is usually done from Paypal account, If you buy anything from Fiverr through the payment gateway(Paypal) You can chargeback by issuing a refund from PayPal account. but It is against Fiverr’s ToS.


I mean you are BJP, the buyer is Congress :smiley:


Oh yes, how obvious. Can’t believe I didn’t see that. Please excuse me for a moment while I giggle myself to death with the obvious irony of it all.


I am aiming at a good vs evil comparison here LOL


Don’t worry guys, tomorrow onwards I will be back to normal…I’ve been on Twitter for the last 3 days, so I am in a bit of a trance…


Sounds like you need a political social media detox. Don’t ask what your country can do for you. Instead as what you can do become a little less like Tory Boy.


That sounds exactly like what the BJP would say!

Writer, can’t you keep your neverending glee at the election results in your little pen? The thing is, the rest of the world doesn’t really care, and it doesn’t really have anything to do with chargeback buyers somehow still existing on the platform despite all that we’re told.

Unless you can come up with a convoluted way to make it stick, but your efforts so far make me doubt it.


@cyaxrex Wow, that’s really weird, Andy. I hope you contacted CS to point out that this buyer should have already been banned. I’m sorry to hear that happened and I’m really glad you caught it before you took the order. Please don’t refer him to me! :wink:

@writer99025 You really need a more interesting hobby. Maybe you could talk with @silkroute about aquariums, those pictures of fish are lovely! They still wouldn’t be on topic in this thread even with a huge shoehorn, but they’d be pleasant. :smiley:


My only chargeback is also alive and well on the site. Saw her with a buyer request asking SEO work. As well as discussing a long term plan, I had done all the basic stuff and made the site more user friendly. A rough memory of her request was “the basic stuff has all been done and the site is user friendly so what I want is someone to [quotes from my longer term plan which was to be implemented with further orders]”.


That really upsets me as a buyer. People like her makes all sellers suspicious of all of us. :confused:


I’m afraid I don’t bother CS unless it’s absolutely necessary. Also, this buyer has since messaged me to say sorry about the chargeback but it was out of his control etc. I don’t believe a word of this, however, I’m guessing that he would give Fiverr the same story and I don’t want to get asked to communicate with this person anymore.

Twice I have informed him that I simply won’t be able to accept any orders from him and certainly not a $100 order. Now he is offering to pay for the $15 for the last order. In my mind, if he was legit, he would have done this without asking so for me it’s a case of just not responding now.