Absolutely Livid With Some Buyers!


I am so upset, I am a level 2 seller and for most of my gigs I offer guest posting on my website. I had different options available on my gigs, allowing buyers to send me their own articles for publishing and also other options for me to write and publish.

My problem was that lots of buyers were sending me the most awful articles that I could not publish on my websites. My gigs stated clearly that buyers must send me their articles to check and approve before they place their order. Most buyers ignored this and ordered anyway.

This resulted in a good number of order cancellations from me. This was so annoying, but I left it and just dealt with it.
Then I saw that Fiverr is changing the way that they work and they are going to review my account on the 15th January - it states that I need to have a 90% order completion rate but I currently have a 88% completion rate due only to this issue.

So I changed my gigs so that the only option available is for me to write and publish - and if any buyer wants me to publish their article they can chat to me about it and it is a possibility.

I had my first inquiry this year and I stated clearly in a message how it works - send me the article to check and if iI am happy to publish it I will send a custom offer. I even stated in that message that the reason I changed my gig was because of the low quality articles being sent. I also stated the topics that are acceptable for publishing.

That was a few days ago - now today that person places an order for my addiction ebook gig … and attaches an article and tells me to publish it on my website! J

The article is just not suitable for my website - it is completely off topic and the content is not good.

This buyer clearly knew I would not want to publish the article, knows that I don’t want cancellations and decided to try and bulldoze me - not giving two hoots that they are damaging my account.

I am absolutely hopping mad.

At an 88% completion rate as it stands now I had a chance of getting it to 90% by the 15th of January but now in addition to gaining that 2% I will need an additional 9 orders completed in the next 10 days! I don’t stand a chance now!

Does anyone know, is this review an automation process? Or does the Fiverr team investigate and see what the real reason is? I am so upset, I have a 5 star rating, I have never had a bad review or an issue with any order I have completed. I have never had a cancellation other than me cancelling it for low quality articles.

Am I screwed here or do I have chance at keeping my Level 2 status?


First of all, I’m sorry to hear that you had to deal with a bunch of idiots.
Some people are just too lazy to read, or don’t care, or worst case, they order and then
cancel just to mess around with you.

I am not sure what will happen in your case, maybe you can send a message to CS telling them about your concern of keeping your level?
You can try asking the very same question and see how they reply.

As for the review process, I believe the sellers are chosen randomly and manually,
and not ALL sellers would be reviewed.


Thanks for your support @zeus777 :slight_smile: I did email CS and unfortunately it would appear this process is completely automated, there is nothing that they can do.

Such a pity really, it looks like the only option open for me in future is to also remove my ebook if buyers do this again. A loss for me and a loss for Fiverr since it will result in less income for both of us.

On the bright side after I sent a message to the buyer requesting a cancellation (leaving no doubt as to how I feel about what happened) the buyer sent me a new article which I can publish - so all is not lost for me yet. I may make it by the skin of my teeth!

I do appreciate what Fiverr is trying to achieve with reviewing accounts, I think it is an awesome idea to review accounts - however I do think that in certain cases like mine it would be good to have an option to request a manual review. In Fiverr’s defense though I guess then every seller would put in a request.


Sorry to hear about your situation. Many of us have similar problems with the 90% completion rule coming up. There are times when what we are being asked to do by buyers is not what we are offering in our gigs.


I’m sorry you are also facing this @misscrystal - I just wonder why sellers are being penalized when buyers are placing orders for things that are not on offer? I find this rather concerning. While I do fully agree with the review process there is a big time hole when it comes to this problem. Great sellers will be paying the price.


And, the fact that we get penalized for it… sucks.

While I do try and find a workaround for the issues it doesn’t always work. I’ve got two cancellations under my belt right now that both were not deserving.

In the one that will drop off right before the evaluation takes place, he never responded to my repeated attempts to get in contact with him. He said he was on vacation and never checked in. Then he claims he left his Fiverr logged in. That’s fine, but that still doesn’t negate the fact that I had to cancel because you failed to respond to inquiries.

The other is from a buyer who attempted to circumvent my deadline by ordering an extra fast even AFTER I told her it wasn’t possible on her large order.

Why should these count against me or any other seller? Makes you just shake your head and go Hmm…


If I understand this correctly, your buyer placed an order on your e-book gig. Could you send him the ebook since that is what the gig is for? But then you could get a bad review? :thinking: Just a thought.


I don’t have one cancellation that was my fault. I can’t remember that happening. I certainly would never cancel an order if I didn’t have to.

The only thing I can think of as a reason to penalize sellers for cancellations is that some sellers cancel an order to avoid a bad review but I’ve never done that one time.

Fiver needs to be aware that not all sellers are out there trying to avoid bad reviews by cancelling. In my case it’s either they want much more than they paid for or they will not pay extra to get what they want, or they ordered by mistake.


Same boat here. I had two cancellations that were mistaken orders. No fault of mine, just lack of observance on the part of the buyers. Since I seem to be doing pretty low volume, I went to 88% completion. So I did nothing wrong, but when I get reviewed on the 15th as well I expect to be dropped to level 1. I think it’s a serious problem. But in the short time I’ve been on Fiverr what I seem to experience and see expressed from other sellers is that raw numbers matter and circumstances do not, and if that raw data can be held against a seller it will.


I would create a second website where you post the crap articles.


Sometimes, even with “PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING” in bold highlighted text across every gig, I still get weird orders that I never would have accepted had they contacted me as they were supposed to. I don’t know of a perfect system for this-- even the mandatory responses in the order requirements form gets left blank. It leads to a lot of frustration, excessive mods, and cancellation.

Perhaps there needs to be some moderation system regarding order completion by CS, since most of these cancelled orders are usually not the fault of the seller. If this is the only thing keeping you from maintaining level 2 especially, contacting them would probably be best here.

Many Fiverr sellers have proposed an order acceptance system in order to avoid just having to cancel every time the buyer doesn’t contact them before ordering. I think it is a good idea, besides the fact that it may slow down frequency of sales.

Sorry you are dealing with so many people who don’t read your gigs or contact you… I hope Fiverr comes up with a better system that accommodates for sellers, especially since their level system is dependent on multiple factors now.


Interesting idea, or a sub-directory for them that is not indexed on the main site.


Yes @vickiespencer I very nearly did that LOL but she stated very clearly that she wanted me to publish a guest post and I knew I would get a bad review! It would be my first bad review too.


Yes me too @misscrystal I also wouldn’t cancel an order unless I had to and in these cases I had no choice. It was a case of damaging my website and reputation by publishing awful content or cancelling the order. Not a chance will I publish awful content LOL


You mean a 5th website LOL. It certainly is an interesting work around…but I don’t want a website with crap articles!