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Absolutely no academic gigs or requests - But that's not in the TOS

I recently created my Fiverr account to try and bring editing and feedback services here. I created a couple gigs but I kept getting auto denied even though my gigs were not even remotely violating Fiverr’s TOS which states: “Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers” is prohibited.

After a frustrating conversation with Fiverr support. I was told that ANY academic related content is not allowed on Fiverr. Doesn’t matter if you are a buyer or a seller. Honestly that’s fine if you want to take that stance. But that isn’t what your TOS says!

What do you think of prohibiting all academic content?


I am fine with Fiverr’s stance on academic gigs. I do not even like the “tutoring” gigs.

I have had students contact me asking me to do their homework and even take home tests! After I am contacted, I go to their profile page and look at the reviews left by the sellers they have hired. From there I go to the seller’s page and usually I see a review that says, “Great work! I got an A! Or, they did good work for me. Obviously, more than tutoring is going on.

So, I would like to see Fiverr continue to not allow help with academic work as it DOES say in their TOS and also add sellers can not offer to tutor either.

TOS states:

Third-party TOS violation - By taking part in doing someone else’s academic work (which will likely be submitted as the student’s own work) you are actively taking part in a violation of the integrity code of most, if not all, schools and academic institutions. This behavior can lead to the suspension or expulsion of students. Fiverr does not allow taking part in such fraudulent activity.

In another post you said you wanted to provide, “ Feedback and Fact Check for school projects.” I would say fact checking is helping with school work. You also said there is a huge market for editing student work. That to is helping the student with their school work.


For me editing and feedback on academic work is also preparing academic work on behalf of buyers. Proofreading, editing etc etc is also part of their academic work and if you are offering that I see it also as preparing academic work on their behalf even if just partially.
So yes, I would say it is covered by TOS


I think it’s a great idea. Students should do their own work, including editing their papers and checking the facts. How else are they going to learn? Would you like to be treated by a doctor who got his degree by hiring other people to check the facts for them?


I am an academician. I help teachers and trainers create online academic courses for their learners. I also help such buyers develop course structure. Does this violate the TOS as well?

It doesn’t seem like you’re helping people get an unfair academic advantage, so it should be fine, but it’s best to ask Customer Support about it.

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The definition of prepare is to make (something) ready for use or consideration.

Sounds comprehensive to me.


@catwriter @jamesondavid Thanks for your input. Would read the relevent portion of the TOS with care once more to learn more about it.

It is posted in my post above.


Okay. Thanks @vickiespencer

I absolutely support the notion of not being party to student cheating. My confusion is two-fold:

1 - I put myself through college about 100 years ago partly typing term papers for students who didn’t have typewriters. Many other kids did the same thing. It was customary for us to correct spelling and grammar as we went along, not to type out those errors.

2 - I had a gig in which I line edited academic work (not content/development) for about a year on fiverr, and then it was removed by CS with the directive that this was disallowed. However, I recently have seen numerous gigs on fiverr that explicitly offer to edit dissertations and theses.

This is a quandry!

Things have changed. I mean, people have always cheated in exams, even before there were such things as … typewriters, for example.

However, in these days of easy access to other people’s work (paid for or not!), supervision from those unconnected to the relevant academic institution, parental help in the way of getting some intern to do research for their offsping … well, there was a big outcry about it all. Fiverr has decided to strictly enforce “nothing connected with academic work”.

You can ask CS (good luck with that) to define what is and is not permitted these days … but the truth is those types of gigs are being removed slowly but surely …


I contacted CS directly about proofreading theses.

They affirmed it was allowed, which did not surprise me. My brother is a college professor and he said a gig that proofread theses would make his life easier. As as it is now he provides that service for his students who do not have English as their first language.

However, I chose not to proofread theses after doing several.

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I was wondering… I have a gig related to translation of biology and chemistry text. It’s not about academic stuff or homework, just text like articles for blogs or sites descriptions.
I didn’t mention anything about academic works because of ToS, but, do you think I am violating them anyway?

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As long as you’re specifying what the gig is for - and I’d add a mandatory buyer request box indicating they’re not to use the gig for anything academic - you should be fine …


Thanks. I’ll add the mandatory requirement immediately

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To follow up: I contacted CS as well and today received a response saying the following: “Our TOS does not allow any academic related orders or Gigs.” His statement is quite clear; no academic related orders or gigs are allowed.

I cannot say what others should or should not do. For myself, I’m going to give this issue a WIDE berth and I will not be editing any material that is remotely associated with academia.