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Absolutely no traffic

Hi everyone.

I posted my Gig 2 hours ago, and i have 0 clicks. Am i doing something wrong? Does anyone have any tips?

Thank you!

It took me days to get my first sale, but that was 3 years ago when Fiverr was not as popular. But new gigs get quite a bit of visibility, so if your gig is unique enough, interesting and well optimized, it doesn’t necessarily even take a day to get views happening, and sales along with it.

check your tags and description , and share on social networks it helps a lot

Reply to @creativeminds02:

Do you have suggestions for keywords that’d attract people looking for a drawing?

  1. Stats are not updated in real time, I think they are updated once a day. Which means you could be getting hits and not knowing it.

  2. It takes more than two hours to get a customer to buy from you. It could take you days or months depending on how good your marketing is.

  3. There is thousands of people of this site offering the same if not similar services or products. Patience is the key.

2 hours? If you think you’re gonna take off in 2 hours you have another thing coming. You will give up with that mindset. Fiverr takes determination and persistence so if you aren’t that type, you won’t succeed.

In your gig description you’ve said, "I am not the best artist."

That’s certainly not what buyers want to hear when purchasing artwork.

oh boy, 2 hours with 1 gig? is going to take you a while for you to build up a reputation. like @dtongsports said is all about that mindset and the action you take. Theres 2 different of sellers here. The players and the spectators.

Lmfao the elitism is real.

There’s a huge difference between taking off and having 0 clicks. Don’t you agree?

And my words do not describe my skills, it’s my art pieces that do. I’m not the type of person that lies to his customers, even when it’s ‘business’. Ofcourse i’m not the best artist, i have a long road ahead of me. But if you like my art then what’s the problem then?

Reply to @alitje: You have a long time to go. Are you bringing in traffic to your gig outside of Fiverr? You can bring in your own clicks, don’t rely on Fiverr for traffic. They provide the platform and it will take time. It’s great that you think your offer is so fantastic, that’s a great start. Now your duty becomes to convince others that this is true… Good luck

Reply to @alitje: If you know so much you wouldn’t be asking “elitist” how to get gigs. Your attitude is poor and you obviously don’t know the first thing of selling. It has nothing to do with lying to customer, it has everything to do with showing confidence in your skills.

It’s not lying, it’s marketing.

You seem like a pretty good artist from where I’m standing. You don’t need that kind of disclaimer in your gig description. It won’t help you. If a customer is ever unhappy with your work, they’ll still down vote you or ask for their money back. It solves nothing, yet will almost certainly harm your sales.

Reply to @forcedlogic:

I was asking if i was doing something wrong, seeing i had ZERO clicks, fortunately got enlightend though, as these stats are not realtime.

Showing confidence in my skills is me selling my art, not claiming i’m the next Da Vinci.

Here’s the quote off my Gig. I doubt you even read it.

"I am not the best artist, unlike a huge portion of this community i did not take any art class or anything similar like that. So please bare with me. I have signed myself up for one to participate in next year though! This does not mean i cannot provide quality work."

I’m sure that’s enough confidence.

Reply to @sara1984:

Thank you for the constructive feedback and the nice words

I’ll remove it.

Reply to @alitje: Any time. I used to have all kinds of disclaimers myself. I don’t think most buyers cared though, so eventually I just removed them.

Let us know when you get your first sale.

Reply to @alitje: I did read your gig. And I would turn around and ask you the following…when is the last time you’ve seen Nike say, we are a sneaker company but we are not the best. When is the last time you saw Toyota say, we are a car company but we are not the best.

You don’t have to take art class to the best in your field. It’s possible you could have completely natural talent. Schooling or class does not determine your worth.

You specifically say unlike a huge portion of this community, you’re using facts that you have no data on to try to sway a customer who doesn’t care about the community.

Customers care about one thing. Solving their unique problem at that time, they don’t care about what you think of another seller or what your experience is or isn’t. They care about themselves.

Your problem that will ultimately be your undoing is your attitude. You ask for advice on a forum and then call people who give you their opinions elitist. That in itself is incredibly immature and the wrong way to ask questions.

I wish you the best of luck but you’re going to simply need to learn sales and patience above all else.

you can see that tomorrow.

Made my first sale a few days ago.

Thanks y’all.

I think the figures roll over at night…check it in the morning.

Another sale, awesome.