Absolutely the worst customer experence I've ever had


There is nothing about this site that’s at all intuitive. You have to keep stumbling from one thing to the next and if you get lucky enough to find what you’re looking for, that’s great, but impossible to get back there.

I posted a gig yesterday and received two answers, logged back on today and have no clue where that page is. Nothing I do takes me there. Surely someone could design a site that makes it easy for us to give you our money. I’m so fed up I’m going to look for an alternative, and I had really high hopes for fivrr.

It’s a great idea, there seem to be a lot very talented people on here, but accessing them is incredibly difficult and so far, impossible.



Hi and welcome.

There really isn’t all that much to look at and the upper right nav is pretty basic and clear.

  • Hover over your name (upper right corner) and click Inbox for your messages.
  • When logged in goto: http://fiverr.com/conversations/misssbb
  • Click Sales to see info about your gigs
  • Click Shopping for info about your purchases.


Actually I’m with you, misssbb. Most times I have trouble navigating Fiverr, too (especially since their redesign) though I’ve been visiting for several years, now. And it’s so awful trying to navigate using a smartphone that I’ve simply quit trying. I guess that’s just how it is for those like us. Of course, there are always others who do not have such problems. Lucky them.