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Absolutely Unfair Seller Account Score Penalties

Hey guys, maybe this topic has been around for some time now.

I totally don’t understand how Fiverr can be so indifferent to protecting their seller’s reputation when buyers don’t properly submit their orders, nor do they give a clear scope to what they want to get done.

First of, the response time score.
A seller has their location shared on their profile settings, and it can easily be used to consider the time zone difference when someone sends a Hi message at 2AM or 4AM.

Sellers are human beings, it’s virtually impossible to pretend 24/7 message response availability from them.

Second, Buyers Submitting Incomplete and/or Incorrect Order Requirements
This to me is one of the most disturbing problems with Fiverr! Even tho my orders have a clear explanation of the information required before submitting the order, buyers tend to just write what they want just to fill in the required field and pass to the next step.
Once the buyer submits the order with incorrect information then the countdown starts and you’re basically f#cked up if the buyer doesn’t respond.

Would be great to have an order acceptance order from the sellers’ end. We’re doing the work and I believe we do have the right to control the provided information before the countdown starts. Another option would be to set the order on hold until the buyer provides the right information.

Order Cancellations
Should be great to attribute the order cancellation penalties to the party who failed to provide the proper information and comply with the rules. Fiverr cannot penalize everyone for a lost transaction. This feels more like, now that you got into submitting your order get your sh*it in order cause we just need to get those fees from both of you.

I’m pretty sure someone else out there is feeling the same like me, especially when you’re working your @ss off to make your buyers experience absolutely as great as possible.


Totally agree with you. Fiverr does too much unfair with sellers. Buyer doesn’t provide correct requirements and when we deliver they don’t like it and wants to cancel and our whole time and efforts are just become meaningless!

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I agree with this but why to worry about response rate ? Its just one extra information…
I have never pay much attention to this and I am still on 2 hours !

This one would be useful and love to see it on fiverr !

There are different opinions on this…but I personally think it more as a limitation of fiverr, only human can judge whose fault it was and can penalize one of the party…
Better to talk to buyer OR later CS in this kind of situation they does exactly what you asked But yes I am afraid this wont help in all of the cases…

Orders are not eligible to be canceled based on quality , unless you delivered totally different thing ! Keep in mind for your next client !

I delivered the quality thing they send me as requirement and still they don’t like it and wants to change the whole thing for free when i denied they want to cancel.


Talking to a buyer won’t help much tbh. An abusive buyer will just ignore whatever you ask them about and won’t agree with the terms of your gig. This puts a seller in a really bad position, since it would be impossible to resolve certain issues even with the intervention of the support. Moreover, the problem with customer support is that they follow plain cold guidelines that do not help much in certain situations.

Let me go over a basic example:

  • Normal situation -
    Say you as a buyer own a car repair shop and a new customer approaches you for some services. The customer explains the problem with what they understand and know about, then it’s your responsibility to guide the client to the right services and costs you both should agree about. And this is pretty normal.

  • Unfair unacceptable situation -
    A customer walks in your car repair shop, leaves the car, and only tells you that the car has a problem and needs the car fixed by tomorrow. On his way out, the customer takes the car keys with him, leaving you no option to diagnose and repair the car even tho you don’t know any thing about what’s going wrong.

What would the car repair shop owner do in this case? It’s not his fault that the customer went away with the keys or failed to give any indications about the problems. And this is a similar scenario I’m talking about.

Fiverr takes a good portion of a seller’s service fee. Even on repeated sales, so for the revshare they get, I would expect to have more support.

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This matter falls in revision thing…we as a seller cant always see buyer’s vision…
I have faced this many time and have done new arts as a part of revisions…
If he has his revisions left…we have to unless they are asking for extra that is not covered in gig or offer !

I understand!
I faced that yesterday…
A guy ordered Sticker ( non animated ) from me, I offer it for $10…!
He added $5 extra as extra fast delivery in just 1 day ! ( its alright )
but Now he wrote that he want ANIMATED sticker in this cost which is not what I offer for this price…

I was ready to run to CS in this case, but I prefer to explain him everything polity and we were good ! matter solved…

But Now, what if he was an abuive buyer? we may not agree and I had to run to CS using my 20% fees part…and this is what I meant by only human can judge few matters…

Totally agree with you on this. I’ve already gone through such situations many times and were able to successfully solve the situation with the buyer, without needing to contact CS. At times I was able to even up-sell and cross-sell my services using order extras.

The main issue is when the buyer hesitates to answer, or talk about the issue. This is what bothers me most. Cause whatever you say falls into a deaf ear and there’s nothing you can do to fix it.

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