Absolutely unsatisfied with fiverrr


i am fiverr buyer since 4,5 years now with about 120+ completed orders. my experience within the last month is worse. the quality is bad as it never was before, the rules and guidelines became bullshit and if you ask for requesting a gig it takes ages to get approved…

there is no possibility to get explanations why gigs are denied (with detailed informations), just stating “violating third-party ToS” even if its not true as there are 20 other gigs which are same.

so many sellers which deliver worst quality and do just copy/paste or can not deliver what they promise. loosing so much time… i dont ask for much but money is money, even if it is not that much but sellers should at least deliver what they promise… it really became hard to find the few good gigs in tons of bad ones…


Then why do you choose newer sellers? Go for professionals that are level 2 and have great reviews. Naturally, since Fiverr is free for everyone to use a lot of inexperienced sellers are easy to find. Before making an order remember to see samples and converse with them a bit to know whether they can complete your project or not.


The problem is that becoming a level 2 seller in some categories is pretty easy, yet it doesn’t mean that those people did deliver good work, just good enough for those who have purchased them, I have had 2 orders from same buyer the last 2 days who is facing the same problem and he ended up with some copy/paste/google translated texts, yet the seller was a Level 2. But as I said in another post, Fiverr keep getting their share and as long as thousands of buyers come around getting jobs, they won’t be bothered since there is no real compétitor.


Oh my dear lord…Google translate…people use that!!!
Are you being serious with me here? Sellers should at least have the decency of using Translation Aggregator.


But seriously, If you want high-quality work look at the reviews, see how many return customers they have, ask for samples and never pull a Houdini on a seller.


It’s what my buyer told me, I can’t prove it obviously but I would trust his word since he already spent on few jobs on Fiverr and by what I have seen in those text, some words have been spinned by a software for sure, others are just ou of context so i believe google has played a part.


Naja, was suchst du? Preise oder Qualität?
That’s the question. I’ve made in the last years MANY new clients who come from bad experiences and when asked they mostly answer that they come from new sellers. Obviously there are great new sellers, but for what I can see in the Forums, many of them think this is a site where you can make easy money by selling low quality stuff… because… it’s just for $5!!
There are many who are in higher levels and that’s not for nothing… but then you won’t spend just $5 or $10… they deliver quality work and anyway at lower prices as if you’d go to “normal” Designers… where their prices round $35 per hour…
Think about that, time is also money… and wasting time trying just to spend the less amount of money at the end will give the opposite results…
Mach gut!


Thanks for the replys. Well i guess all of you are right. But is it too much if i my goal is to achieve good quality with good price? Of course i can go to my local graphics designer who is asking $ 80 per hour and he will deliver what i expect: high quality. Some years ago i joined fiverr to get the best for my money as prices per hour are lower than in Austria or Germany. But does that mean i need to accept lower quality? I guess not and its just a fact that i can not be blamed fro that in other countries the price per hour is not that high than where i live. So i suppose it must be possible to get high quality at lower prices.

My unsatisfaction (what a word :slight_smile: and what i am complaining about is that there are hundreds and thousands of new sellers, even with good reviews, who pretend to deliver high quality and if you show them what you need they say: yes yes no problem i can deliver and even if you send preview of exact size (for example the print-sheet of flyeralarm) they deliver wrong size (maybe due to different local settings like inches vs. centimeter etc.). so this was just an example but there are lot of things like “i will deliver print-ready quality” and i expect 300 dpi cmyk and get 72 dpi rgb etc…

So i think it has become very very hard to find the good gis in thousands of bad gigs. i would prefer paying for a “fiverr-club” where you can only find approved sellers or some kind of top-quality service rather than searching for a few “top-rated” sellers because this doesnt mean high-quality per se. like driedwriter said, it seems to be not that hard to become a “level 2” seller and there are categories where you can not find top-rated sellers…

i think it should not be the question “price OR quality” but it should be “price AND quality”…


As others have said, getting to level 2 in some categories is pretty easy. In my mind there should be a Level 3, at 500 or 750 gigs sold, but nobody asked me.

As the market gets larger, the prices are going to go up for quality work in many cases.

After you get 1,000 gigs sold, you don’t need more experience, you are just looking for the clients who want quality, and a good price, but not just the cheap price. You are looking for VALUE, which is often more than the cheapest.

If you would have to pay $80 outside of Fiverr, then finding someone here at $45 or $60 is a bargain. If you want cheap and quality, often those are just people on their way up, mixed among a set of beginners who have to be cheap, because they have no other option. Once they get to a certain point, they can raise their prices, because they are worth it.

The real quality sellers know that if they beat the open market by 20 to 30%, they may be high on Fiverr, but they are a huge bargain compared to the local options.

Doesn’t surprise me that if you primarily look for cheap, most of the time you get what you paid for. On Fiverr, you can also find a set of sellers who are more than most here, but still far below most markets in the outside.

Try the sellers with a few hundred reviews, and priced a little higher (still a good value) and let us know how it goes.


I understand your thinking:
“If Fiverr is open to the whole world, there should be a great designer sitting somewhere in Sri Lanka or in Swaziland who’s income round $30 per month” so I can get good quality from them, paying very little money.
Well, that’s to find a needle in a haystack, as recently Fiverr celebrated 1.000.000 users! Good luck with that!
As lisabaarns said, those who are good, automatically raise their prices, as they’ll be sooner or later dealing with a big amount of work. Rising the prices is the best way to cast good clients from average or bad ones. It happens to all of us who are over +1.000 positive reviews!
On the other hand, I’ve been contacted by “top rated sellers” who wanted (like always) to have a "very professional looking poster/flyer/advertising, because it will be shown in 5 different countries and on National TV, here… here you have my $5"
When trying to cast new sellers from alone, it will become a pain in the neck.
I agree with the idea of “Level 3” or “Fiverr club”, but that will also make it harder for the newbies to improve their business.


Another suggestion would be that Fiverr opens “contest” for some categories, a buyer says he needs that for that much and then, sellers submit their work to be picked up, which would result to a compulsory 5 star review since buyer would have had many choices and picked one up by himself (herself)


Actually, “unsatisfaction” is not a word. I think you mean “dissatisfaction”.


That brings up a point of note that I’ve been mulling on since starting my gigs; the seller ranking system and criteria seem to be of the best intentions but it seems that it can go south very quickly.

Don’t get me wrong I agree wholeheartedly with the intent, good sellers need recognition and well-deserved merit simply because in this environment it’s a commendable achievement. Where I see the system failing is for new sellers the badge ranking is based on:

Number of orders

Now time is easy, and shouldn’t be the only metric as anyone can sit on an account for months and get to the next rating level, so the number of gigs and orders is great in principle, in reality though I feel like they slow down a potentially organic process by almost scaring buyers off. Honestly it seems like a double-edged sword but there you go.


I’m confused. How does this scare off buyers?


yes :slight_smile: thats what i was looking for^^ thank you!


Maybe scare was the wrong word, but when faced with a gig offer of similar value by a member who has little to no ratings vs. the seller with a level 2 or top rating - the customer MIGHT understandably go with the higher rated seller.


Only if that seller isn’t using stolen materials from Google.

You’re making assumptions. I am a buyer, I know what I look for when making a purchase. I have no idea what anyone else does.


I just came across a gig offering seo analysis, level 2 seller, hundreds of gigs sold, yet 2.5 / 5 rating on it’s gig, 4 x 1 star on it’s last 5 gigs with failed to deliver, obviously he/she has gone missing and let the gig active. I found it on term SEO analysis, it was displayed on page 1, nearly top of the page. Fiverr definitly needs to sort that kind of crap as I truly believe it harms the site and other sellers who do have better ratings even though they might have less gigs sold.


I am a buyer and seller as well, and i can say that these instances are very real considerations. I haven’t made any assumptions and wouldn’t claim to know how you do things, i said “MIGHT” not “ALWAYS WILL 100% OF THE TIME”.


I think the problem starts when sellers do anything for $5

I make documents, buyers come to create a 30 pages doc from scratch for $5, I’m very polite, and just say “sorry but I can’t help you, I can’t take on this project for that price”, the buyer replies, “why not? other sellers want to do it”, then, I think “what? what do you want? work with them”. All this sounds fishy. I do not reply more, for what?

A time ago, I started to say myself “Don’t sell your soul to Fiverr”