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Abuse buyer request?

a few days I saw in the buyer request feature some sellers posted “post request” and entered their gig link, for example like "I want an animation like in this gig
So other sellers who see the ad will click on the link and those who post get a few clicks in their gig.
is this legal?


Not sure technically but it is definitely poor form as it does chat on the meaning of that section.

Will Fiverr do anything to clean it up is the real Q


Not sure, but then again what’s the advantage? You don’t gain anything by having a bunch of sellers click on your gig, it’s pointless.

What I think is more likely is people wanting something like that gig offers but at a lower price. Typical buyer request mentality lol

i saw on the forum the advantage their gig will get more traffic, so their gig will place on a few first page in the category.

There is no reliable data concerning that. I would take everything you read on the forum with a grain of salt unless it comes from experienced, successful sellers.

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this is not a good work