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Abuse emails from sellers

I received an abuse email afrer I gave a true rating for a seller
I need an formal enquiery into this matter. |I can not give false revidws for cowboys , after all I am paying money.
When the work was good I gave a tip bigger than the order value


We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.

Here is the link for Customer support:


I am also a buyer ? I am the fperson who buys regularly services . I have the right to say to the forum what they should expect . This is a matter of general interest to all buyers

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Sorry, to hear about from what you have gone through, and as @lloydsolutions said… so only CS can help you in this matter and also send the screenshot of the email with your complaint and m sure they will take an action against him/her for doing this.

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Hello, you may have misunderstood. We aren’t customer support so you would need to contact them. Of course you have a right to post on the forum.

Sellers aren’t allowed to respond to reviews in the way you described.


I posted the email which need approval from the moderator
All buyers must read what could happen to them

The email I receive shows that it is someone from the company who has weitten the email
while there is no evidance to that still i feel who ever did it is a coward and cowboy . I will continue to use fiver and I will write the right and honest reviews


I am again sorry for the bad experience you had, but at the same time i really appreciate and like your spirit that you are still going to use the services from here and not judging everyone on that behalf!! and TBH this is something that i have also experienced from a buyer, but i didn’t care because i know i was right!! So his bad words never gonna affect on my life. :grinning: Have a good day sir!

Please contact customer support …they will definitely help you …
submit your ticket here :
thank you

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@imadmorgan Sorry to hear about the things you went through, you know there are always good people and bad people, i know you have every right of enquiery, but i guess letting it go is a best approach, you will have peace of mind.
i hope this woun’t effect your fiverring…