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Abuse From Buyers and Customers When Is Enough Enough?

I sell media lists to people who cannot afford a traditional public relations agency. The basic gig is 10 contacts for $5.00. I have some one now who keeps changing what she wants. I’ve redone her order 5 times and by now she has received over 100 contacts for $5.00 or the $4.00 that I get. Have others had similar issues? What do you suggest?

After a delivery, if a buyer comes back and says that they actually want something different from what they originally asked for, you’ve got two options. You can either say something like, “Sorry, I can only provide work according to the original instructions I’m given,” or you can fulfill their new request and hope that they won’t come back over and over, giving new instructions or making a new request every single time.

It’s fine to offer modifications or changes or w/e, but you’ve got to draw the line with customers like this. If your basic gig is 10 contacts for $5 and that’s what you provided her, you don’t have to keep acquiescing to every request she makes. That would be like a customer sitting down at a restaurant, ordering a hamburger, eating the entire hamburger, and then calling the waiter over and saying that they actually wanted a salad and that they expect that salad for free. It doesn’t make any sense. You’ve got to cut people off when they either don’t seem to know what they want (they’re not paying you enough to go around and around trying to figure it out) or are legitimately just extorting services for free.

If you have one difficult client, then I would simply offer a mutual cancellation and be done with it.

I don’t offer revisions at all. So far, I haven’t had a client who wasn’t happy with my work the first time around, but if there was - I’d either offer them a mutual cancellation (if I trust them to be a genuine buyer) or take an (undeserved) negative review, keep my money and send them away (knowing they’re just looking for free work).