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Abuse from seller

Unsure where to post, help and support doesn’t seem very helpful and supportive.

I’ve had an issue with someone I accepted to do some design work, their first revision didn’t look even close to what their examples were.
They were listed in fluent in English but it was terrible. They didn’t understand anything I was asking.
When I cancelled the order they were persistent in trying again and reactivated the job. I cancelled again, and told them I was no longer willing to work with them.
A short time later they found the Instagram page, Facebook page and a few other services we have on social media and they started posting harassing comments, also sending messages via Facebook messenger to the business page.
I’ve reported them, but nowhere have seen a notification, or received contact from Fiverr about removing this person from doing any work.
They only thing this won’t do is stop them making another account and doing it to someone else.
It also seems kind of ironic only good reviews are allowed to be posted after an order has been completed and everyone’s happy. If I knew they were going to be like this, I wouldn’t have selected them to do any work. I’d suggest anonymous ratings for those who’ve worked with them, cancelled or completed jobs.


I am sorry to hear this. Sadly a culture of poor (or worse, way worse) sellers (and buyers) has grown across all the platforms (as in not just Fiverr). Sadly there seems to have been very limited action o resolving this (except perhaps sometimes putting the onus on sellers).

Of course the first thing to do it Report this with a rational explanation and evidence to Fiverr and maybe even to FB etc if they are harassing you there. Block them for sure.

What Fiverr do is not entirely up to you but I would hope that they got gone and stay that way as there is too much damage being done to good people by the actions of the bad,


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That’s horrible. CS might have less ability to do anything if the seller has only been harassing you on other platforms.
Have you tried taking screenshots for Customer Service? If you have proof that the user on Fiverr is harassing you because of the order, they may delete the seller’s account. You can also cite this from Fiverr’s TOS: " Targeted Abuse - We do not tolerate users who engage in targeted abuse or harassment towards other users on Fiverr. This includes creating new multiple accounts to harass members through our message or ordering system."
Also, Fiverr does sort of have anonymous reviews, but they’re slightly different. No one sees them, but they do significantly impact the seller’s visibility on the platform.


Yes, I have screenshots. I reported the user, gave a reason why but have not heard anything back from Fiverr yet. There doesn’t seem to be a particularly great way to contact customer service, no online form or anything (That was easy to get to anyway).


CS can be a bit slow so if it is only a few hours or even a few days, wait as they probably have to do a lot of due diligence before they punt someone - after all it could be the complainer who is the bad cat and if they didn’t see both sides they could find themselves up a legal creek with a Kardashian for a paddle.


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It’s pretty difficult to get to an online form, but if CS doesn’t respond to you through reporting with messages, this should ensure they respond:

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Awesome, thank you. That’s basically what I was looking for, submitted a ticket.

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Yes, The Support of Fiverr is very responsive now. They will get back to you in a single day. That is the thing which I like :slight_smile:

Screen capture all those harassment and sent them to CS support.

Sorry to hear this.
Sad, but true…

I often saw on facebook group…, leveled seller want to sell their account, because they doesn’t work again.
So… it’s very important for both parties, Buyer and Seller to communicate first before make an order. This why., we can learn and found whether or not the Buyer/Seller is good or scam.

and for your current project…, you can report this seller for abuse behavior…,
provide them with screen shot and fact. Hopefully CS will ban this seller.

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