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Abusive buyer is bullying me

A guy messaged me for an overnight 12h gig. I told him that I would be willing to do it for a certain price, but he said that it was too steep and offered a lower one. (about half)

I told him that for that price I can do it in 3 days, and sent him a gig with a 3 day period and explained again that it would not be 12h. He accepted and thought that that was that, until today (1 day later) he starts insisting that I am late and that I have to cancel the job because I did not deliver on time.

I told him, and showed screenshots, that I very clearly stated that it would NOT be overnight and that he has no grounds for cancelling me. He insisted and started saying that I will lose buisnes thanks to this. (Idk if that means that he doesn’t come back or if he will rate bomb me to ruin my profile.)

I called in fiverr support but no help yet. I feel really bad about this situation, as this guy wants me to overhaul my day to do his bidding, without paying me for it. I feel like there really should be protection for this from fiverr, as people like this can break your profile. Protection other than cancelling a job that I already sunk time in.


Sorry, but just say no?
Come on, Fiverr can’t get involved every time someone asks for something like this. You are an independent seller, it’s down to you to say no. Tell customer support that you do not want to cancel the order as you have worked on it and that the buyer agreed to the terms. Send screenshots.
Yes, they might leave a bad review but anyone can review anything these days - it’s part of being in business. You have 28 reviews, a bad one isn’t going to do anything. You can of course choose to cancel instead but be aware that that is your decision and choice, not the buyer’s and not because of Fiverr. That would be on you.


You make a good point. Sellers need to know they can simply say no, and in this case they should do so. Of course let customer support know about it in case he tries to cancel, to tell them you don’t want to do that.

I’m puzzled that so many sellers don’t know how to stand up to these difficult buyers. We don’t have a boss to take over. We are our own bosses, and so we need to know how to be secure enough to tell buyers no when they do things like this.


Yes. Buyers need to know this.
Totally agree with you on this.