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Abusive buyer

Hello everyone

I have politely refused an order from a buyer because, but he insisted me to write it. I was cancelling the order, he was refusing my request, and so on. Eventually, he accepted my request to cancel the order but says he wants his money back on all previous orders although he marked them as complete and left positive reviews. Now I’m afraid he might want to get revenge. How can I stop him from contacting me and placing orders?

I have just contacted customer support.

… and that’s why Fiverr should add a review system for buyers and even a “block user” button.
I’m afraid you can only wait for a reply from the Support. Let us know.

I am amazed when a buyer will not accept a cancellation request from a seller.

I have just received a reply from Customer Support - they’ve been very nice and told me that the buyer shouldn’t be able to contact me anymore. I really don’t understand these people - he said he won’t give up until I accept the order.

If it’s via the inbox you can try the report feature, it’s “meant” to block them from been able to contact you again, that been said I had to ask CS about 5 times to block one user who somehow managed to bypass it, even with the same user name and account, eventually they either did or they gave up, either way it works for the most part! :slight_smile:

The report button is a bit crap though. I’ve noticed that when I do use it, around 24 hours later (no science here! Just me noticing stuff!) the message crops up again in my inbox as unread. I just delete it then. I do always tell the other person that I am reporting them to Customer Support because they xyz first though. I can’t think of anyone who continued to pester me after an ineffectual “sorry”.

Anyway, congratulations on a successful resolution @andra33! Remember, the minute someone abuses and bullies you on Fiverr, you’ve won. If you feel manipulative, you can use that knowledge to help them dig their own hole. I do not condone such behavior. Most of the time.