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Abusive Buyers?

In my 3 years on Fiverr I’ve only had 2 very abusive buyers. The second one today. They didn’t like the work I did for them but instead of asking for a revision they decided the best way to communicate is by being abusive and completely unprofessional. I remained calm and told them I was happy to give them a revision and asked for a few specifics of what they were looking for. Again the response couldn’t have been more inappropriate. I then told them I am happy to revise your order but I am a professional and I would prefer to keep our communication that way. Which of course lead to more abuse. I ended up ignoring the rest of the conversation and just completed the work of which I am waiting on a review. I don’t feel the way I was treated is okay. I work hard on all of my gigs and take pride in my work. Is there anything I can do to alert Fiverr of this awful buyer?? Other than post a negative review it seems as though there is no place to lodge a complaint. This person shouldn’t be allowed to continue as a customer. I have worked in my industry for 2 decades and do everything I can to avoid working with people like this. I think it’s time for an eBay like system on Fiverr. Where giving them a bad review actually means something.

You should report them to CS immediately. Attach screenshots of the communication and point out that the buyer was being abusive and disrespectful - CS would usually take care of such problems.

However, next time you encounter an abusive buyer, it’s best to get rid of them immediately. Most of them are fishing for free work or are simply people that expect the world for $5. Either way, they’re likely to leave negative feedback (fingers crossed that yours isn’t one of them). What I usually do in such cases is refund the buyer and leave a passive-aggressive (but still polite) message why I won’t continue working with them. You can also keep your money and then get in contact with CS to remove the negative feedback. Won’t work every time, however.

Brave – I would of never given him a chance to review but cancel instead.