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Abysmal January Sales - Not Good


Hi Fiverr’ss

Well January is turning out to be a sluggish start. My analytics are back up there, but not a great deal of business or interest. My inbox has been dormant since New Years Day. Buyers are not buying.


Good gosh where did all the buyers go


Same here, though I am busy working a day job and I do have a couple of my regular clients. But I am worried once I get through this work. I hope things pick up by March, as that’s when I’ll need more work. But it is very strange. This time last year I had a gazillion orders.


Maybe buyers are still enjoying their Christmas holiday :thinking:

I just know that this month, I have already gotten about 6 orders so personally, I haven’t really noticed this issue. It’s only the first 10 days of 2019 so don’t worry! You will probably start to get orders around the end of January or early February! Just continue believing :star_struck:


Well, it has only been 8 days since New Years – less if you consider the travel plans of people after the Christmas and New Year celebration. Heck, I returned from my travels on the 2nd, and have been using the past seven days since returning home to get back into the swing of things. I’m sure there are plenty of other business people (i.e., potential clients) doing the same thing.

It’s only been 8-9 days – roughly one week since the Holidays. Give it some time.


I went back to my office a few days ago, and I think me and all my other coworkers
are suffering from New Years food coma.
I think I’ve completed 2 orders this year so far, and I’m actually happy that I’m not getting
bombarded with orders. I think I need…a few more days to fully recover!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: