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Academic essays and creative writing

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a story, but just didn’t know how to put it into words? Look no further!

My name is Hannan, and I am a passionate writer who provides a creative writing gig. I will bring your ideas to life with my descriptive and vast literature techniques!


Academic writing is forbidden by Fiverr, isn’t it?

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it’s forbidden on this plate form


Yes. You’re right.

@hannan_shah Please read Fiverr’s Terms of Service carefully from start to end. Offering services related to academic essays and any other academic services are against Fiverr’s ToS, and it will get you a ToS warning or account suspension. If you want to keep your Fiverr account safe, you should abide by the ToS at all times.

Since the URLs of your gigs have the words “academic” and “essays” in them (the URLs of gigs do not change even if you edit your gigs), I’d suggest that you remove all your gigs and create new gigs that do not offer any sort of academic services.