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Academic writing legitimacy

A friend told me that ACADEMIC WRITING on Fiverr has been banned and that those who put it as keyword in their gigs could receive a penalty resulting in the shutting down of their gig. Is that correct?

I have no idea, but you shouldn’t be doing it anyway.

After all, as an “academic writer”, you should be very good at simple and complex research such as this–and more to the point, you wouldn’t be doing it as you devalue real students’ academic work. Congratulations on a double whammy!


I agree with emmaki that rather than asking people who have no idea of the answer on this forum you should ask customer support. We don’t know if it’s banned or not.

@Emmaki, first of all I’ve already done my research on the matter and even tried to contact customer service, but it’s taking a while to hear back from them. That’s why I’m here after all!
As for the students’ work, as hired freelance writers, that’s our job - to “deliver the best work to our potential customers in an arena of contest and struggle between them and their colleagues/opponents”.
Don’t try to be cocky next time, I thought this was a friendly Conversation Room where people help each other out!!!

Thank you already done that :slight_smile:

It takes time for Customer Support to respond to all requests; please be patient. CS is the only place to truly find the answer(s) to your question. These forums are not a substitute for Customer Support.

It’s unethical. If you are truly interested in “deliver[ing] the best work to our potential customers in an arena of contest and struggle between them and their colleagues/opponents” [citation needed], perhaps you should reflect on the disservice you’re doing to your customers by doing their work for them in an educational setting.

I’m not trying to be cocky. If I was, I would point out you had two reviews slating your abilities as an academic writer anyway. I’m sure there’s more to the story of both reviews than that, so I’m not going to beat you over the head with it…much.

Please care to be decisive on what you really want next time.
They buyers got what they deserved. :smiley: