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Accept an order partially

i asked for a personalized order with multiple file, one is correct, and i need that quicky, the other must be corrected. Is it possible to accept the order partially and let the seller work on the other file?

No, there’s no way to accept the order partially.

tha’s a bad news :frowning:

It is up to you and the seller to reach that kind of agreement. You cannot pay partially.
But the seller could agree to let you have the one file you need quickly.

Like misscrystal said only your seller can help you on this. Ask him that can he send you the file that you require on urgent basis. Otherwise you have to Complete the order fully to download that file.

If you run into this in the future you can plan for it in advance. You can always ask a seller before you place an order if they will divide it into multiple orders. Put one file (or whatever kind of job it is) into each smaller order. That way if you run into trouble with part of it, you can ask them to work on the critical part first.