"accept and review order" button not working -according to buyer


So, a buyer is unable to leave a review since the “accept and review order” is not working. Any other buyers facing this issue?


Had a brief outage at my end, only lasted a couple of minutes - all fine now.


Surprisingly, it’s still not fixed on my end.



Well dang it! I might have lost a review cause of this


Yes same issue with me, The seller have completed the job and I have review the order but order is not marked as completed still review your order screen I have done this several time but same Issue, any one can guide me please ?

Thanks & Regards,
Sajid Aslam


You could try what customer support usually tells everyone who contacts them for any technical issues - clear your cache & cookies, refresh your browser page, try a different browser.

If it won´t help and you contact them, you can then tell them right away that you did try all of that already.

To send a ticket to support, you need to use their zendesk ticket system:https://fiverr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new