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Accept bad review or cancel order?


1,5 weeks ago I had contact with a person on Fiverr. This person wanted me to do him a custom offer, but at that time I wasn’t able to do him an offer as I was very busy. I told him if he could wait a week or so, I could maybe help him. A week went by and I completely forgot about this conversation, mostly because I still had a lot of orders going on.
Today the gentleman send me a question mark, to which I responded that I unfortunately wasn’t able to help him as I was still drowning in orders.
He then responded with saying I was a waste of time, and that he would order from me on another account, and give me a bad review (all in caps). I do agree that I should’ve followed through with my promise of contacting him again, however, he has the freedom to move on to another Fiverr seller of course. EDIT: I reported the user.

My question is: If this person order with another account, what is the best thing to do? Accept the bad review and live with it, or cancel the order one sided (if that’s even a thing of course).

And maybe it’s interesting to share bad experiences you’ve had with people on Fiverr in the past, and how you handled the situation!

Looking forward to your stories and advice.



Please report this user to CS immediately.



I forgot to mention that in the initial post; I reported the user right away. I did however respond to him saying I was sorry for the inconvenience it might’ve caused.
I guess it’s important in such situation to swallow your pride and keep on smiling and being nice!

No - report to CS for threatening behaviour. He’s not your buyer and you owe him nothing.

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Perfect. I know you said you should have contacted him earlier, but there is NO excuse for him to threaten you with that type of action. I was going to recommend the same as what @offlinehelpers mentioned.


You’re right. However, as he threatened to order with another account he kind of has me in a headlock. So therefore I thought maybe I can lower the risk of this actually happening by staying nice.

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Please, be nice by all means, but Id o hope CS will sort it out for you. Being threatened is never nice and you don’t deserve it. :sunny:


Thank you!

I hope they can help solving this situation. The fact that CS probably can’t prevent him ordering with a different account makes me worried though.

Thanks for your responses!

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But it hasn’t happened. Yes it’s a threat, but it may not materialize into anything.


Always report this type of behavior to CS in my opinion. It is abusive and threatening behavior. In addition to that isn’t it against the TOS to have more than one account?

I wouldn’t tolerate this. If he is looking for a custom offer it is not something that you usually offer, I wouldn’t sweat it. Yes perhaps you should have contacted him as soon as possible like you promised you would, but seriously people slip up and these things happen. It certainly does not warrant abuse and threats!


Very true. I doubt he will take the effort to materialize it. But it’s not a nice idea anyway!