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ACCEPT BUTTON WANTED: We, Fiverr Sellers want an Order Acceptance Option

There should be a feature which will allow the Seller to accept/cancel the order within 15minutes or something different way to view the order and choose to accept it or not. Mainly need an OPTION, most importantly to avoid unnecessary order cancellation.

  • Most of the time it happens that (new) Buyers just place the order without even discussing first.
  • Many buyers give instructions for many works only for $5 (basic package). Later they don’t agree to pay extra for extra work. This (often) leads to order cancellations!

I would like to draw attention to Fiverr authority to consider this fact. We buyer and seller both are your client. So, you should consider both sides to grow your business.


I agree, however something to keep in mind, potential clients don’t see your Order Completion rate.
That is only visible to you as the seller.

It is mostly for your own personal records.

I had a buyer buy my voiceover gig and it violated several of my posted exceptions.
I ended up canceling my order which hurt my stats.
I contacted Fiverr and they said that your Order Completion rate does not affect your account.
It is only for your own personal data stats.

Now response time is a different story…


It affects at 15th of every month. It affects the level, in turn affects sales and performance.


Hmm, interesting…

Maybe it does, although according to Fiverr it is not supposed to affect anything.
Either way, it is good to keep the stat up in the green.

It affects the seller’s business, performance.

Yes, order cancellation affects your leveling, which affects your sales/performance.

it’s been happening more than 6 months ago.


strongly agreed …


It would increase more cancel requests. What if the buyer places the order and waits 6-10 hours and if they didn’t hear anything, they might cancel and get it done from someone else who is online.

Seriously! Why do you think Fiverr even calculates it? I lost a level this month because my order completion rate went down. I think you need to be more aware of what’s going around on Fiverr.