Accept Delivery


I have got an order but give deliver. He want a revision. Unfortunately I’m not able to revision in this time.

Have any problem for that??
Advance Thank


Try to please your buyer
Give revisions as he/she want
OR best describe it in gig how many revisions there will be.


Why can’t you do the revision?


Just remove the revision option from your gigs


Sadly it doesn’t stop the buyer from being able to ask for revisions, even if you’ve got it set to 0 - don’t ask me why! :slightly_smiling_face:


I want to know about, have any problem or not for my account?


Well, yes - if the buyer asks for a revision (as offered in your gigs), and you don’t do it, then the buyer can rightly cancel the order, or give you a negative feedback.

This assumes that the revision request was reasonable, and covered by what you say you’ll provide in your gig.


may be you are not complete your buyer order with his/her requirement for this cause he/she gave you revision so please try to please tell him extend the time if you are not currently correction his problem and must solve your buyer problem


I think it is fair to have at least 1 revision for whatever project type it is.
Is up to you how many revisions you offer.

If for X reason you don´t offer revisions, fine! Just let anyone who reaches out to know that revisions are not included.


I think this is not that much serious.
But you should discuss it with buyer, and be polite and genuine. And explain the reason. Or may be you can offer him/her something more better in future.