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Accept finished order

Hi guys. I completed an order for a buyer and she doesn’t know how to approve it so it can be marked as complete. Does anyone have an idea? She said she had tried to do so thrice but it wasn’t working.

She needs to click the green “Accept” then agree to disclaimer, do private feedback and public review.

Once those are complete, your order will be complete.

There is a glitch where the reviews are not showing up even after those four things I listed above. It’s happened to me twice.

If that’s the case, have her wait a day, redeliver and then she can try accepting it again.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate.

I think this one would be helpful check this video

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What does the disclaimer say?

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I can’t remember the exact wording, because I haven’t really read it the past year or so, but it’s along the line of

"By accepting this order you understand you are completing/finalizing/can’t as for revision . . .

Something like that. I can do a screen post on my next order.