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Accept option on Order


Hello everyone,

Not sure if this one discussed before, But seller needs to have an Accept button on order page. Some client doesn’t send message before placing an order even if we have clearly mentioned in the gig, in such cases if client and seller is not on the same page then seller has no option other than cancelling the order and which gives bad image to the seller, where buyer has no problem with that at all. if there is a accept or cancel button as someone place an order. after the accept, if the seller does not complete the task or some issue occur and then if seller cancels it then it is fair that cancellation rate increased. but on the other hand, it is unfair to the sellers if they do not have a right to avoid cancellation.

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Agreed! :grinning:


Finally someone do agree :slight_smile:


. . . And I’m a buyer who agrees with this! :grinning:

I believe many sellers want this option along with you. :grin:


yeah, i did check your profile :slight_smile: and much appreciated that a buyer agrees with this point.


Of course it’s been discussed…
That was MY idea :rage:


Why you are so arrogant…


She’s kidding! :grinning:


If it was, hope they listen to it :smiley:


With all due respect (I’m a seller) I do not understand why some fellow sellers insist on asking the buyer to contact them prior to placing an order…
If the gig description is crystal clear, there’s little or no room for misinterpretation. And even if the buyer asks for a different something than the one clearly stated in the gig, Fiverr gives us the tools to work things out without having to cancel an order (upselling, extending delivery etc). Of course there are times that a solution cannot be reached and cancellations are the only way to go, but honestly, how often do you face that? Personally speaking, I’ve never came across such a situation (I might be lucky).
Besides, even if an order acceptance feature is implemented, don’t you think, that you’d be penaltized for not accepting all or most orders? The same way we’re currently penaltized for canceling an order due to wrong requirements for example? I might be wrong on that since I see the majority of people on the thread agreeing on such a feature, idk :slight_smile:


I do not agree - many valid reason


… and there lies your valid experience…
I’ve got in the last two months more cancellations than the whole last year.
When your Gig is in a very good position in the search engine, one cancellation (like I’ve controlled with my Gigs) pushes your Gig down to 10/15 positions… and that’s a lot!
I cannot complain because I have enough orders, but anyway I would like not to deal with people who order and then want to cancel.
Maybe when it happens to you more often you will see the difference. :wink:


I don’t think there’s a one size fits all solution which would suit everybody.

Like @tpsylighthouse I’ve got my gigs set up so that no contact is needed from clients before they order, but can see that for other types of gig where more client input is needed before the task is started, then some sort of accept/decline could be useful.

In short, I’m on the fence on this one, and can see both sides!

I don’t think an accept/decline thing should be mandatory though.


That’s a probability :slight_smile: Yes, I know that cancelations affect your position and might have an impact in orders etc. You’re right, however, what I do not understand, is how would we know that the order we accept will not be requested to be canceled a few days after? Us accepting an order doesn’t stop buyers from canceling the following days…An indication is that there might be red flags at the beginning but what if there isn’t? I’ve read of sellers saying their clients have been super satisfied but then initiated a cancellation!

Out of curiosity, the cancellations you mention the past 2 months, are they all/mostly based on misinterpreting the gig description?


Well… the last cancellations I’ve had were mostly (80%) because they ordered my minimum price, or even accepted a Custom Offer, and then wanted to have much more than the price I’ve given.
The thing was that they didn’t want to deal a new price with me :confused: and wanted to cancel right away.
The other 20% was people who ordered and then asked to cancel because they ordered by mistake, and also people who wanted things that I do not do… those are the strangest ones :neutral_face:


If you read my post, I did mention that if we accepted an order and after that order is canceled then that is fair, because we lived with it. but let me again explain

You can never tell a price of a web application and you can never mention it clearly in the gig that which feature will cost how much, that is why we have clearly mentioned in the gig that if there is something not mentioned in the gig, feel free to contact us before placing an order. Still, some buyer doesn’t bother contacting and post an offer on the minimum gig price and asking a lot of stuff. At the end after giving them all the options (extra, extending deliveries) they still not look to change the price, That’s where we have to face cancellations and that hurts the position of the gig. I don’t think having Accept cancel button as the order is sent before actual order is placed would hurt anyone (buyer or seller).

You are lucky that you didn’t face such issue but I have canceled around 5 orders this month due to such thing and it effects badly.


even faced the issue, you have mentioned. another seller sent me 2 orders of 5$ each and ask me to
cancel them by saying sorry placed by mistake.


How come? I clearly state in all my services what EXACTLY the customer should expect for the price they opt-in :slight_smile: ie $25 will get them as 10 question reading in audio, no 9 questions, no 11 questions, no video reading, delivery in 5 days and so on. With all due respect, I believe that we need to be transparent with what our offers include and what not.

For instance, your web design/development gig clearly states that you’ll develop the entire website (complete) from scratch for $X. THEN, in your gig description, you state that the complete website cost depends, leaving room for misinterpretations. I’m not calling you or anyone else out but I just wanted to say that in a few cases (this is not for all sellers who have issues with cancellations of course) it is the seller who needs to see things from a different perspective.

What you should do to see if there is an improvement in the meanwhile, before Fiverr implements your suggestion, is to tweak your gig and make it more precise. Use the gig images to explain your packages or even add a pdf that will fully explain what the client should expect for each of their needs, what’s in and what’s not etc. If people have questions they will still contact you. But if for example I order your biggest package explaining that you will do my complete website from scratch and then you ask me to double the price for example, I’ll definitely be put off and cancel. How many pages do you offer for that price?
Do you offer hosting and domains?
What script options come with this package?
Do you also do webcopy?
Are social media icons included?
Will the website be mobile responsive for that price?

What is included in the complete website?


I support. Sellers need this option.