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Accept or Decline an order button?

I’m rephrasing this topic as I want to hear more opinions.

SHOULD fiverr give sellers the option to accept or decline an order? Would this help you with any confusions and unnecessary cancellations OR would is be detrimental?

Maybe have at option available just like how you can activate the watermark feature…

I’ve seen this topic come up before. What are your thoughts, I’d like to hear your opinion on this topic?

My opinion has changed! I think this feature would cause more harm than good but don’t forget that we all sell very different gigs and what may work for some may not work for others.


Why would you want to force the people who want to hire you to have to go through another step just to process an order? If people click the visible, hard-to-miss, clearly explained green button to purchase your services, they probably know that they want to work with you, and have already decided to hire you.

If they choose to hire you, work with them. Provide them with the service they hired you for.

I find it silly when some buyers claim that, “I ordered by mistake.” How do you click a big green button that says “buy now” (or, whatever the specific button they click says), and then confirm an order… by accident?

You can usually avoid most cancellation situations by working with the buyer to provide them with services that do not need to be cancelled. Yes, there are rare and valid circumstances in which a cancellation might be the best course of action… but those can be addressed as they happen.

A “do I want to work with this buyer” pre-sale, pre-approval button is generally a pointless, and discriminating concept. It is probably best to work with each situation on a per-situation basis. After all, the entire point of being a freelance seller here on Fiverr is to work with your buyers to fulfill their needs. That cannot be accomplished by picking and choosing who you work with, AFTER someone has already chosen to hire you.


Yes, this is simply an inapplicable idea, both from the buyer and the seller perspective.
The buyers would have to wait for days for the sellers to accept their orders. What if they order express delivery and need their work done ASAP?
The high-volume sellers would have to spend extra time, clicking on the 'Accept Order" button, thus affecting their working efficiency.
I hope that you my point! :slight_smile:


“pre-approval button is generally a pointless, and discriminating concept”

I suppose some sellers may use it in a discriminating way so to prevent this I get that the feature should not be implemented, but you would be amazed at how many buyers will order even when they don’t meet the requirements.

I have 2 orders right now just sitting here in disputes because I have not received enough info from them which I ask for before the order begins. These take up allocation space whereby I could have 2 orders I am working and will be paid on instead of waiting for these 2 disputes to clear which takes 3 days or so.

It’s just an idea… It would benefit some and not work for others. For my line of work it would benefit me a lot, however your point about discriminating is very valid!


They wouldn’t have to wait days for the seller. Just like how we have a timer for the gig we could have a timer of accepting an order… maybe 24 hours then?

I don’t offer express delivery so that wouldn’t affect me. I would think this feature would work for some sellers and not others so I would not want it to be mandatory.

It’s just a thought and I wonder what everyone’s opinion is on this.

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Order probably done anyway when not confirmed, and if ordered by mistake it might be cancelled anyway, I guess :neutral_face:

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Yes, I am aware of that and this IS what I think.
What happens after 24 hours? The order gets canceled automatically? What will happen to the Buyer’s project, if it keeps happening like that?

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No, the order gets accepted automatically. Similar to when sellers deliver, the delivery gets accepted automatically after 3 days if the buyer doesn’t respond.

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Can’t see how this would be helpful. It will annoy the buyer if he/she have to wait for 48 or 24 hours before the order even started.

Many of my orders are express, meaning the buyer need a delivery ASAP. It is much better to have a clear and precise Gig description and to ask the relevant questions in the first order message.

If you have a clear description and terms, you avoid a lot of confusion. In the end, you will always have a difficult buyer or two, but if you handle it with care and patience it normally works out.

If you find that you receive a lot of orders you can’t fulfil, I would work on my descriptions and delivery time to better suit the kind of work you are doing.


Some sellers will see this option as being helpful and others will not. I don’t offer express and the gig is very clear along with very clear requirements before I start working.

It is very rare that I would cancel an order. If there is a problem I resolve it with the buyer so I don’t lose the order.

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. It seems us sellers are divided on this subject. I think despite wanting this feature implemented, I would worry some may use it in an inappropriate way which is not what I want.

I think that is a fantastic idea!

Accept/Decline should be an option to turn on or off at seller’s discretion.

I would, personally, skip every seller with this option turned on. I would also request 5r have a filtering system for me to eliminate those with this turned on.

It should still be an option for sellers to turn on.

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We need Accept/Decline button with turn on/off features.

Whatever we explained everything clearly in our gig, some buyers never read description and place order directly. Then cancel it.

We loose our order complete rate and search position as well.

Honestly, it’s bonkers that Fiverr doesn’t have this feature while this post is over 2 years old. If I’m not comfortable with the order details, I should be able to decline the order. If I’m asked to do voice over for an online video that I suspect will be used in some kind of scam, I should be able to decline the order after reviewing the content they’re commissioning me to create.

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For this specific problem, CS will back you up. I sent screenshots of a cold-call script to CS once (my gig page says clearly no cold-calls or scam greetings) - and they cancelled on my behalf without affecting my completion rate.

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That’s a lot of extra work that could be alleviated with a “reject” button. It makes me think that fiverr can’t do “nothing,” but they can do close to nothing by not making it easy and user friendly. Uber does something similar to their drivers. Reporting issues is such a huge hassle that drivers don’t report issues so it makes it look like there aren’t any issues.

I’m not disagreeing with you at all, I’m just giving you a heads up in case you ever run into that issue in the future so you don’t get hit with a cancellation :slight_smile: Also, we’re going to get in trouble with the mods for resurrecting an old post :crazy_face:

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I mean, Isn’t that the natural conclusion of unresolved issues? People bring them up again if the issue persists.

And I have indeed been scammed on Fiverr. Seems like it’s woven into the very structure of the platform and the simple fix of an accept/reject button could help to alleviate it.

Again, I agree with you - the main reason mods don’t like posts to be resurrected is (I believe) that they often contain outdated information. We are absolutely on the same page about being forced to work with lousy sellers, trust me. I’ve had probably 100 or more sellers who broke the rules when ordering that I’d love to have been able to just decline to work with instead of using a confusing, time-consuming and not even guaranteed way of getting around it.

This is among about 50 other things I’d love to change about Fiverr. Unfortunately I’m not sure anyone who has any pull in the company reads the forums. I’m not even sure anyone reads the “site suggestions” category, but I could be wrong.

This is from three years ago. Please close this thread.