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Accept or Reject Order Option like other Platform


Fiverr project run with time, anyway someone maybe doesn’t notice he got an order. Time passed and seller will get a negative review, although he did not know about this work.

I am talking about Order accepting or Rejecting option. The full system can be like bellow:

  1. When buyer will make an order seller will get option: ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ this Order.
  2. Time countdown will start after seller accepting any order.

    Hope you guys and authority will agree with me.


Allursolve, this would render gig durations mute. If the clock doesn’t start until I accept and order. I can set things for 24 hour deliver and then wait a week to accept it. LOL


Okay but there will be maximum time to make a response. How about this sound?

I am agree with ‘kjblynx’, it could be 24 hours period.


So what happens after the 24 hour period. The clock starts? The gig is considered late? The gig is cancelled. Another message is sent. It seems to me if a seller doesn’t log in every day it’s on them. It just seems unnecessary.


KJB, I don’ see how this system would fix any of those problems.

Someone ordered by accident. I was at my computer. I accepted the order before I saw any message to that effect.

I accept someone’s order, it starts the clock, and they’re still a rejector or negative feedbacker.


The other problem with that is fiverr is essentially acting as a “creditor” many people don’t have cash in his/her paypal account. So they use a credit card. That info cannot be “stored” to “wait” as much as 24 hours to be transacted. That would be a financial risk.


Yes, I hear that. Thank you for the clarification. You know I"m a fan, right? Even if I oppose an idea, I don’t oppose you :slight_smile: