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Acceptance and rating before delivery?


We need to accept the order before you get the designs and many times you do not get a complete order. At this point its impossible to rate its already been done! I have two gigs with incomplete delivery of files. What do do then?


Hi @hjocelyncuentas

I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say. It will be much appreciated if you please explain a little better so anyone in the forum can guide you.

In any case, from what I understood about having incomplete deliveries and ratings, you can only rate seller’s work once the job is marked as complete.


The design was acceptable.
In order to get the final, not water marked product, I need to accept and rate. There was no other way.
What I got was not what I ordered on what was on the gig. It was a file I cannot use, I need a PNG Transparent file, it is clearly listed on the gig, for which I paid extra for. I have been waiting on 3 days for this without any luck.


I’m sorry you’re going through this.

Yes, watermarks will only be removed after order has been marked as complete and you don’t have to do it if your seller hasn’t provided you for what you have paid or agreed on.

Have you talked to your seller regarding this issue or asked for revisions? If you have and nothing has changed or your seller won’t reply, please contact CS for cancellation or cancel the order yourself.


Again, the design is acceptable. Its the type of file that is incorrect, there is no way to do a revision, the order has been accepted. I have contacted the seller, and he/she claims they will do so, but they just never do it.

This is not the first time is has happened with other sellers. I thing we should be able to receive the files and then accept the order as complete.


Hello hjocelyncuentas,

I am so sorry that you had to go through such an experience.

If a particular seller has not offered a service that matches what s/he has clearly mentioned in their gig, it’s a punishable offense on Fiverr. You could report the seller to Fiverr CS team and get your money refunded.

Hope you have a better experience with sellers in the future.



Yes, you had the right to ask for revision, due to an incorrect file, before marking the order as complete. And yes, you can cancel your order anytime from now and ask for refund.

Please contact CS for cancellation and refunding.


ok thnx. He claims he will have it ready in an hour so I will wait and see. Thank you for your help.


Fingers crossed they do! :sunny:

Wouldn’t work I’m afraid - there would be unscrupulous users who would abuse this - that’s why the watermark system was introduced in the first place to protect sellers’ work. :wink:


You are much welcome!

As @offlinehelpers said, “fingers crossed they do!”.


Hi,does he or she provided u source file.if so then u.yourself make it transparent.


That’s how Fiverr works. Buyers used to be able to get files without watermarks, but way too many of them abused that option and basically stole from sellers. I’m not saying that you would do such a thing; unfortunately, honest buyers pay because of the dishonest ones.

If he doesn’t, you can report him to Customer Support (make sure to include screenshots of everything, including what you were supposed to get and what you got at the end). Keep in mind that you have up to 13-14 days after the order was marked as complete to get a refund; after that, you won’t be able to get your funds back.

Why would the buyer do that, when they paid the seller to do it?