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Accepted offer but seller is saying I didn't contact them before

Am I missing something here?

I received offers to my request which includes a price of how much the seller is willing to do the work for and how long it’ll take to do it. I accepted one offer. Now the seller is asking why I didn’t contact them before and that the time frame is too short.

It’s as if fiverr is sending offers on behalf of sellers rather than them bidding on my request.


Those sellers are probably replying to every buyer request they possibly can without really looking into your requirements and forgot who they sent offers to. I believe the seller is the one who sets the delivery time length so there shouldn’t be an issue with it being to short if you accept the offer they made.


It’s totally seller issue, he/she did’t sent right offer to you.


I’m sure there is a way for you to extend the delivery time as well. Here is a video i found on youtube that shows you how to extend it *************.

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The delivery time is set by the seller who sends the offer.

As said by @j6nyc6, the seller you accepted doesn’t remember he/she sent you an offfer nor what he/she offered you.

Fiverr doesn’t send offers on behalf of no one !! Sellers are the only ones who send offers.


The seller you accepted doesn’t remember he/she sent you an offfer nor what he/she offered you.
It is laziness from seller because he/she can even go back to check offered sent to confirm the details of the offer. Then he/she will know the next move, whether by asking you to extend delivery time or ask for review. All these will not affect his/her rating at the end of the day, so far he/she deliver good job.


That seller han sent offer without seeing your offer description .You can extend your time.

What you did is acceptable but not that advantageous.

It is much better to contract a seller before order. Contact your seller, discuss your project. Look into convince, time frame and instructions.
What if a buyer has terrible instructions that should cost much.

In case of another time, discuss your project with your potential seller to avoid dramas like these.

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Not laziness @askzeemcool
New sellers hardly know this

Thanks for the replies everyone. To clarify. The seller who submitted the offer had submitted it within 10 minutes of me creating my request. So I find it hard to believe that they had forgotten about an offer that they weren’t going to fulfill anyways. They did admit that they had been working X hours straight so I’ll chalk it up to it being a mistake on their part.

Thanks again.


Some new sellers that are desperate for orders submitting from time to time lower prices and short timelines hoping to get your attention and win at least something. (Some of them send dozens replies to buyer requests with “standard” message without really understanding the project and only reading it through when they get an order or when person contacting them after seeing their offer)


Alright…thanks for the hint

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