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Accepted offer does not show as order!


I made a custom offer for one of my clients. He accepted the offer, got charged but it does not show up as order for both of us.

If I try to open the order via chat the URL is set to:


Look for it under “active orders”. Maybe he has not submitted the requirements?

No I see no orders for you under “active” so it must be the bug others have mentioned.


I checked all tabs, order isn’t there. I believe my offer should at least link to the order and say that requirements aren’t submitted?

Do you have a link to another report? I tried to search but couldn’t find anything.


Others here have reported the same thing happening lately. You will need to send these screenshots to customer support. Tell the client to please be patient while you find out what is happening. He can also send the message to customer support too.


Ok will wait for customer support then. Seems like fiverr has a lot of problems recently. Analytics not working, order problems etc


maybe it’s a bug, just contact the CS, maybe you will get faster reply when both of you ask the same question to CS.

Yes these order problems like this are not just bad for us but for fiverr. I hope they get this one fixed soon. This can harm fiverr.

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Same issue here. Did you get any response from the customer support @berryflower

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Please let us know if you get a reply. I got one like this. It was not a custom order however. A lady said she paid but no order showed up for her and I never saw any order from her. She asked me for a refund so I directed her to customer support.

At first I didn’t believe her but she convinced me.

I’ve submitted ticked and it’s been almost 20 hours. No reply. Same problem is on my client’s end. He couldn’t find the order page but the offer has been accepted.

My issue is pretty much like @berryflower. Haven’t got a response yet but will be waiting

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Please contact fiverr support

I contacted support about this issue, they just confirmed that no order was created, can’t say more due to the privacy policy, and the buyer needs to contact them. Better give the buyer a direct link to the ticket option too, so they won’t waste time searching for the contact option in vain.


Customer support won’t give details of anything to the seller about this since it’s up to the buyer to contact them. I had something similar a while back.

I’ve had a few similar things in the last year. Several people saying they tried paying with various credit cards but fiverr rejected them all and they insisted that it was not their fault.

If there is no order I’m not sure how fiverr can resolve this. I sent a message to the lady who paid and got no order just now, to see if she ever got a refund.


Yes, I’d expected that reply and had told the buyer right away that I fear he’ll have to contact them. Turned out he’d tried to but hadn’t managed to find the contact option, not too surprisingly, so I gave him a direct link.
I guess I may need to ask another customer who’d asked for a custom offer if she placed the order yesterday (or rather thinks she placed it) because I didn’t get that order yet, which is very atypical (regular customer).

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If they pay and then nothing happens and they are not taken to the order page they usually send you, the seller, a message.

The lady it just happened to thought I knew about it and was wondering what to do next.

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My buyer said the same. Money was taken (card payment) and his order was placed successfully however even he does not see the order in his dashboard but got a confirmation. We both contacted fiverr more than 24 hours ago.


I just checked on my ticket #4339183 and it seems like it got deleted. If I click the link in the email I received as my ticket received confirmation I see the following:

And the other page where I could see my support requests before is also empty … but there should be two other tickets from earlier!

Seems like they have a massive issue?

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I can see all my tickets (quite a few over the years :blush:) - I think they didn’t show though a while ago, but that was just briefly and I could see them when I refreshed the page if I remember right.

My customer got a reply as well meanwhile, so both of us the same day we sent the ticket. Fingers crossed that he’ll be able to accept the offer that I sent again.
I also had two other customers accepting custom offers in the meantime, so at least it’s not affecting everyone.

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What did the reply say? They are working on it?

I had it happen a year ago and we waited together, the client and I, for about four hours while they fixed it. I had to keep talking to her for four hours.

CS kept saying they were fixing it and they did. She first wanted to cancel but somehow I got her to stay. It was a big order.