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Accepted order gets cancelled by custom care

So a couple of days ago, a client gave me a model to do and after finishing and delivering it, he requested to add gig extras for three more models. After I sent it, he accepted the old delivery and the entire order was marked complete. It was clearly his mistake. But after that I had reached out to him and told him that I will deliver even though he made a mistake. Couple of days later before the original deadline of the accepted order, I had provided the outputs both using the Fiverr chat and email. He then asked me to make a revision on the design to which I replied by saying that I will work on it. A day later he texted about the progress to which I was unable to reply. That night then entire order including the original gig and the gig extra which was finished, was cancelled and the funds($75, which is a huge amount for an Indian) were returned to the buyer by the customer care. When I reached out to the customer care they said it’s because I didn’t respond to his messages, even though I couldn’t provide the reply to his update request for 1 day. Is there anything I could do? The client even asked me if I want the payment for the first order and when I said yes, he replied by saying he doesn’t wish to give it anymore. Also I had received a TOS warning for incomplete delivery which was withdrawn after I send them screenshots of proof. But this time I feel like the fruits of my labour was stolen from me.

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Using email is against TOS.

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But I didn’t get the TOS warning nor was the order cancelled for using email, even though it was he requested to send the files on his email.

I would drop it or CS may notice you used email and give you a second TOS warning. You are risking your account.